15 Cute Baby Animals That Will Surprise You

JUMBO SQUISHIES PACK by Lovellio: Prime 6-PACK Slow Rising Cream Scented Kawaii Toys/ Strawberry Peach Banana Lemon Whale & Unicorn Stress Relief Toy Set For Kids & Adults. PLUS A SURPRISE MOCHI BONUS

by Lovellio
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  • A MASSIVE 50% PRICE SAVING: Buy these 6 Jumbo Squishies separately - and you will pay at least 45 USD. With us you get all 6 Prime Jumbo Squishies plus an Amazing Bonus squishy FOR ONLY 22.99.
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR ADULTS & KIDS! Could you resist to squeezing the soft, incredible texture of a slow-rising fruit or animal squishy? Smartly designed for slowest rising, these colorful scented squishies are perfect as preschool props, finger rehab tools or interior décor ideas!
  • THE BEST QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE! Quality crafted from PU foam, with great attention to the slightest detail, Lovellio Jumbo Squishy collection is made to last! Velvety-soft, sturdy and Non-Toxic, they are absolutely SAFE for imaginative adult users, teens and kids.

Product description

Relieve Stress The Funny Way! The Ultimate Jumbo Squishy Set Has Finally Been Released...

... to rid you of anxiety at work, school or college

... to help you focus easier and perform better

... to be your soft vent tool

... to boost your finger rehabilitation schedule

... to make a killer gifting idea on all occasions!

Lovellio is introducing the #1 Jumbo pack of Squeeze Kawaii Scented Charms that will help kids, teens and adults release tension the trendy, modern, funny way!

Say Hello To The Squishiest Kit Of Kawaii Toys On The Market!

Never again has stress relief been easier!

Easy to squeeze and slower in rising than most similar stress toys, Lovellio set stands out for its superior quality and its unbeatable price!

· Quality PU foam manufacture, for unmatched softness and durability

· Bright, vivid colors and detailed texture with all nooks and crannies

· Divinely scented with sweet creamy smell

· Non-toxic and safe for adults and kids aged 3+

Get An Enormous Value Set! We Are Offering You An Amazing BONUS!

Get your hands on a stunning colorful Jumbo Squishies collection of STRAWBERRY, PEACH, BANANA, LEMON, WHALE & UNICORN Charms PLUS one more SURPRISE TOY offered as a FREE BONUS!

Create the most eye-catching squishy collection that has become the new trend!

Thrill Your Family & Friends!

Surprise your loved ones with the most irresistible gift!

This stress relief squishy toy set will blow their mind at the birthday, holiday or office party!

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OWIKAR Talking Hamster Mouse Toy, Repeats What You Say And Can Walking Nod Head or Walk Electronic Pet Talking Plush Buddy Hamster Mouse for Child Kids gift (15 cm - Nod and Speak, Bright brown)

Price: $13.99 Buy Now

  • 【Repeats Whatever You Said】- The cute hamster will repeat everything you said in his own critter funny voice. Including you singing, laughing, or speaking any languages. Can imitate female and male voice.
  • 【Early education】- this toy can record and mimic your speech in his own critter voice, you can keep the voice next to your baby and the lovely sound will stimulate your baby's hearing.
  • 【Easy to use】- Switch it on and talk to it, it will mimic your every word in his funny and high pitched voice. Flip the switch to OFF position to conserve battery life when it is not being used.

Product description


The lovely talking plush hamster toy can make a lot of intelligent sound, funny and amazing.

They can repeat and record your speech to fill a lot of fun around your children.

There are different colors and movements for your choice. You can choose your child favorite one.


Item type: Talking Plush Hamster Toy

Filling material: PP cotton

Height: 15cm, 18cm

Weight: 15cm of 100g, 18cm of 120g

Color: Gray/Deep brown/Bright brown

Function: sound, recording, nodding or walking

Applicable age: infants (0-2 years old) and young children

Use Instruction:

1.Install 3*AAA batteies (not included) and replace the cover

2. Keep the switch in ON position and talk to it, it will repeat everything you say.

3. Keep the switch in OFF position when not use it.

4. The switch is on the bottom.

Package includes:

1 x OWIKAR Talking Hamster

The Talking Hamster works with high power consumption, please use new batteries once the batteries run out. Batteries are NOT Included.

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Kids Learn!

Kids Learn!

Published by Teacher Created Materials 2006

ISBN 1425801196,9781425801199
104 pages

Kids Learn! is a parent-involvement resource designed to bridge the away-from-school gap in instruction with standards-based activities in reading, writing, and mathematics. The resource also: models how parents and caregivers can be more involved with their child's learning during vacations and other breaks from school reinforces information learned during the just-ended school year, while preparing students for the upcoming grade leveloffers suggestions for quick and fun family activities that will provide a rich knowledge base for students to draw upon in the coming school year

June 24-28, 2015 Week; Guild Retreat Plans, Unexpected Guests, Farmer’s Market, Friends, Purple Hats, and Ups and Downs Baby Booties

Friday I decided to go to Tanya’s Soup Kitchen to get a bowl of soup for lunch. Most of the time I call in the order and hop in my car and go pick it up and am back in 15 minutes tops, so that I can crochet on my lunch break. This time as I paid the cashier and turned around to wait on my order. I turned around to find one of my childhood, lifelong friends was right behind me. Now what’s the chances of Vici being there at the same time that I came to pick up my soup. I think there was a hand in this that neither one of us could see. It was great seeing you again, Vici and I hope you have a wonderful time with your new little grandson while you are in Kansas. Next time maybe we can plan on stopping long enough to eat lunch together at Tanya’s. Anyway…Saturday evening we met up with our friends Susie and Korey for dinner at Town and Country. All of us agree that it will be very sad to see the place torn down to make way for a highway interchange. After dinner we went back to Susie and Korey’s to watch a movie, but before we did we had a front row seat to see this lovely doe eating from their bird feeder. I was very fascinated with her big eyes and long eyelashes. Then we all sat down to watch Secondhand Lions. The movie was great and John and I agree that we are very blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives. We love you Susie and Korey. Looks like another great week for you. Um those buildings and murals you have to drive by would scare me a little every day, too. You are blessed to have so many good friends and family near you. What a lovely sentiment from your daughter’s friend. Thanks for sharing all the loveliness of your week. Oh that photo of the the new grandpa was precious, as well as the photo of the sweetheart in one of your tutu dresses. You definitely packed a lot in your week. I love having company come visit especially when they bring children with them. John looks like a secret service agent (James Bond) and you look like you might be a little annoyed with Johns antics. Love the farmers markets and most towns have one or two. Its been a hectic week for us. Made a trip to Enid to take care of M-I-L. She is actually doing pretty good but memory and confusion is a big problem. Love you girl and hope you week is wonderful just like you. Jenny’s kids are adorable — and I love that they were both willing models. I would do my best to *not* look at those ugly drawings on the tattoo parlor. Such a whiz you are, turning out all those booties & hats. LOVE the deep-purple hats. I LOL’d at your saying John looks like he’s blind with those shades of his. Your Tami G tomato plant is looking very good. One day soon I’ll have to send you a pic of my patio-tomato plant.

Source: Crochet with Tamara

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Tonight I'm Mercure
Tonight I'm Mercure
No rabbit was hurt during the shooting of that picture. Mercure is... 2 ears falling that don't recognize his name 36 cms seated 50 cms when long 5,3 kgs of funny fur A bunch of white whiskers 8 stomachs to eat 2 too cute eyes to ask something to fill the 8 stomachs in question 4 paws, some of them (the back ones) could wear some baby's shoes 1 ponpon tail I was tagged by my dear friend Ulric so i've got to write 16 random things about myself and then tag 16 of you... 1) I had a twin sister. 2) I'm the "human pet" of two lovely rabbits, the second one is the blue grey lop-rabbit on the polaroïd and is called Mercure 3) I'm allergic to chocolate. 4) My favourite colour is Red. And I'm red hair also. 5) The first thing I'll do in Canada will be going to "la cabane à sucre". 6) I have more than 50 pairs of shoes, more of them are stilettos. 7) I'm obssessed with people having grey eyes (mine are dark chocolate). 8) I'm hydrophobic since I got drawn at the age...
Photo by vk-red on Flickr
15 Cute Baby Animals That Will Surprise You. Just Look at #14
15 Cute Baby Animals That Will Surprise You. Just Look at #14
15 Cute Baby Animals That Will Surprise You. Just Look at #14 Photo
15 Cute Baby Animals That Will Surprise You. Just Look at #14 Photo
Image by pinterest.com
15 Cute Baby Animals That Will Surprise You. Just Look at #14
15 Cute Baby Animals That Will Surprise You. Just Look at #14