Cool Coconut Octopus

1.3 ft x 2 ft = 2.6 square ft Doormat Waterproof Plush Living Kitchen Mardi Gras Octopus

by Sabine Haumer
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  • To Prevent Slipping
  • The door mat is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is suitable pets sleep and child crawl
  • Very comfortable barefoot on doormat

Product description

Our cashmere plush Blanket is one of a kind, using our proprietary process resulting in a ultra soft hand and velvety high sheen appeal that is unlike any other Blanket you've felt. A softness and look hat is so rich and plush it's almost indescribable. Indulge and treat yourself or loved ones to this luxurious Blanket, and Bask away in luxury and comfort.

Colorful KOOKY Bananas Candy (3 lb)

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  • Assorted colors yellow, orange, red, dark green, light green, and blue
  • Pressed Candy shaped like mini bananas and taste just like them as well.

Product description

3 Pound of Kooky Bananas in bulk packaging. Made by the top brand Oak Leaf which competes directly with Concord's Dubble Bubble. These kooky bananas are many times found in vending machine and people love them (kids and adults). These candies are flavorful and come in assorted colors, not just the boring yellow. They are absolutely perfect for any occasion. Great for themed events, baking decoration, goodie bags, gifts, weddings, baby showers, office treat bowls, home candy dispensers, schools, sports, and much more.