Cupcake Pops For Pets

Natural Brown Cake Pop Bakery Box with Window 1.75x1.75x2 inch 25 PACK cupcake boxes, gift box, wedding, party favor, donut, pie, cookie boxes

by Lime38
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  • COLOR: Natural Brown SIZE: 1.75x 1.75x 2 Inches
  • Take a close look; you can actually see the fibers. This is because these cupcake boxes are not coated or bleached with harsh chemicals. The paperboard is left in a more natural state, which helps it retain the strength of the trees from which they were made. It is the strongest material we carry (even though this material uses 25-30% fewer trees to produce).
  • Take note that the crystal clear window material is also certified biodegradable. Both the Natural Brown paperboard and window film are made from SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) lumber. This lumber is collected and reforested utilizing environmentally friendly practices.

Product description

Enhance your items in a professional crafted box. Brand New sealed package. 25 boxes per bundle; box size is 1.75x1.75x2 with a window. We have a large selection of boxes for all your goods, along with many other paper goods and bakery accessories to make your business succeed. Search for Lime38 on Amazon to find more products.

Pink and Gold Party Favors, Individual Cupcake Holders, Clear Plastic Boxes with Inserts, 3x3x4, Blush Pink Gift Box Container, Disposable, Confetti Couture Party Supplies, 12

by Confetti Couture
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  • 3x3x4 CLEAR CUPCAKE BOXES for pink and gold party favors, goodies, gift wrap,1st birthday for a girl
  • FILL with single cupcake, small toys, bulk candy, party food, or as decorative box gift card holder
  • Baby shower, first birthday party, wedding favors, anniversary party, gift wrap for girls, treat box

Product description

Crystal clear 3x3x4 inch plastic boxes with pink and gold party theme inserts and gold metallic bottoms are perfect for packaging cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods, party favors for a 1st birthday party for a girl or baby shower, wedding favors, or bridal shower. Great for gift wrapping , dressing up a gift card, or creating a stunning cupcake tower as a centerpiece of the party table. Perfect for giveaways at a baby shower or packing small boxed lunches for party guests. Made of high quality food safe PET with a pop and lock bottom and tab closure top. Reversible inserts are hand designed and will make your event oh-so-special and unique.

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A movable feast: Tracking 61 St. Louis food trucks : Entertainment 07/09/15, via

Christian Gooden. Beth Phillips, (left) of St. Louis, picks up her cherry freeze and strawberry lime freeze cupcakes from Deja Oseguera in the Destination Desserts food truck on Friday, May 5, 2014, at the Food Truck Friday opening day at Tower Grove

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Pets can be sensitive to food, commercial or homemade; wrong diet or recalled ... 07/09/15, via Allied News

Supplements may be needed because pets can't always get all of the necessary nutrients from homemade food, and certain human foods like onions and raisins are dangerous for animals, she said. Michelle Wright, owner of Canine “These are my recipes

Corn Dogs Cake Pops Recipe

Rebecca Brand shows how to make Corn Dogs in a Cake Pop recipe. Easy quick recipe that turns out fabulous every.


Creating the Happiest of Holidays

Creating the Happiest of Holidays

Published by Leisure Arts 2015

ISBN 9781609000127,1609000129
160 pages

Creating the Happiest of Holidays: Book 2 This volume continues the fun series with over 100 recipes for entertaining and 100 crafts for decorating and gifts.

Wabanaki Blues by Melissa Zobel (August 2015)

Synopsis: “Some days you appreciate the dead. others, you don’t dare think about them. When Mona Lisa LaPierre, aka “the girl who never smiles,” is sent to stay with Grumps, her reclusive grandfather, she is not exactly thrilled. Still, she slings her beloved guitar, Rosalita, over her shoulder and sets out to meet her destiny—which pops up, variously, as a blonde bear named Marilynn, a fellow musician named Del, and a green-flamed motorcycle that was last seen racing away... Mona’s search for Mia’s murderer becomes a quest for identity, love and meaning, and she is guided along the way by Grumps and her dead grandmother, Bilki, whose spirit speaks to her in moments of need. Mia Delaney Day. Some days you appreciate the dead. others, you don't dare think about them. Today's a bit of both. I push through the fist-dented double doors of Colt High, my guitar, Rosalita, bouncing against my back. The front hallway is a worn-out chessboard of cracked and broken floor tiles, set with students as game pieces. Diffuse light through the unwashed windows casts a sepia tone over their slack, wary faces, making them resemble old photographs. Most days, this is where you find them jockeying for position as kings, queens, and pawns. But today is the last day of school, the day we remember Mia Delaney, the senior who never made it out of here alive. Cheer Captain Rasima Jones tries to lighten the mood, leading her bumblebee cheer squad in a practice routine at the center of the chessboard. Blond streaks whip through the girls' matching raven manes, inky bras peek out from beneath their lemon chiffon blouses, neon yellow laces stream over their flipping heads like electric snakes. The bumblebees leap, turn, and revolve in unison, all sticking their landings. One breathless bumblebee overhears me and pokes a finger into my cupcake-pink tee shirt. Did they run out of black at the Goodwill. I tap my earbuds, pretending not to hear her insult. I'm not about to tell her that it was my grandmother who suggested I wear this shirt, or worse, that she's been dead for three years. Her foot slips on a broken floor tile, sending her crashing onto another square that is already occupied by Rasima's foot. I hustle away to homeroom, doubting my grandmother's tee shirt selection. She suggested I wear it because she knows I want Beetle to notice me today. Beetle is short for Barrington Dill, or B. Dill. He has butterscotch bangs, licorice eyes, a switchblade smirk, and he wears pastel polos that seem to make him glow. I have mudwood eyes, tree bark hair, and I usually wear black band tee shirts that turn me into my own shadow. I zip around the corner that contains Colt High's sports trophy case and accidentally crash into a towering circle of basketball jocks. The circle parts to reveal Principal Millicent Dibble, holding up a third-place trophy. Her yellowed white suit matches her yellowed white hair. She hands the trophy to the team's lofty center then points at my tee shirt. Her words rasp, like she once swallowed a cigarette that permanently lodged in her throat. "I see that your tasteless behavior is reflected in your tasteless attire. My shirt is fine. It's a tee shirt for The Dead Kittens band. The cupcake-pink front features a black line drawing of three dead cartoon kittens, lying on their backs, paws sticking straight up in the air, tongues flopping out of the sides of their mouths, and x's where their eyes should be. For years, I've... Dibble never said a thing. Now, on my final day of school forever, this woman reprimands me for wearing a pink cartoon kitten tee shirt, picked out by my grandmother. I tap my earbuds again, and exit speedily. Everybody is edgy and unpredictable today. A student whispers "uh oh," and I glance over my shoulder. Principal Millicent Dibble is chasing me and rapidly closing in. I pick up the pace. My guitar, Rosalita, bounces hard against my back. I think of her as my good luck charm because she was a gift from my grandfather, Grumps, and grandmother, Bilki, when I turned ten. A finger hooks the collar of my tee.

Source: Partners In Crime Tours

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Stay out of the water, Chuck! Cat joins Shark Week frenzy - 07/09/15, via Lowell Sun

At $5.95 a pop, 100 percent of the proceeds are donated ... The flow of shark product includes everything from themed cupcakes and ice cream to undies and the Sharkini, a one-piece swimsuit with a huge, toothy bite out of one side that retails for $ ...

Travel news from around the world - 07/04/15, via The Telegraph

Although not currently available for bookings, from August the pop-up suite will be an option for travellers ... to chess, face-painting and cupcake decorating. All activities are included in the room cost, and the kids’ meals are priced at a reasonable ...

Inside D.C.'s first cat cafe, where you can cuddle by the hour - 06/28/15, via Sun-Journal

WASHINGTON — You probably won't get a chance to pet Olivia. The gray-and-white spotted kitty is ... Oregon. Washington hosted a pop-up cafe late last year. When Singh, inspired by a visit to a cat cafe in Thailand, announced her intention to open a ...


  1. Cupcake pops for pets | Created by Diane WELCOME! I'm so glad you are here. If you like food you have come to the right place, I create easy recipes, so you can recreate delicious food in your kitchen.
  2. How to make a no-bake cake for your cat or dog | Created ... I used a cupcake cake pop mold that ... I have yet to try baking homemade dog treats for our dog but if they look like these cupcake pops for pets from the blog ...
  3. Cupcake Pop For Pets - All Things Cupcake Cupcake Pop For Pets By ... I have yet to try baking homemade dog treats for our dog but if they look like these cupcake pops for pets from the ...
Tweet Up cupcakes, cookies and cake pops by Mandalina Bakery, Farnborough
Tweet Up cupcakes, cookies and cake pops by Mandalina Bakery, Farnborough
Chocolate mini cupcakes by Mandalina Bakery in Farnborough © (formerly known as Naughty but Yummy Cakes at the time of the event) Photography : efc Photography - Venue: Fetcham Park -
Photo by Ayca Wilson on Flickr
44 Random Crush
44 Random Crush
I got tagged by Fox ^^! A long long time ago, to be precise... I'm so sorry I haven't done this sooner T_T. Pic taken in the woods near Vincennes~ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Colour : black, blue, purple Fruit : grapes, bananas or kiwi fruits Candy : I'm not much of a candy person ^^; ... but I like japanese sakura-flavored candies~ Chocolate : black, white, I love them all :)! Cold drink : Cola, or lemonade Hot drink : hot chocolate Ice cream : chocolate, mint, cookie dough or strawberry cheesecake~ Crisps : just those with only salt, nothing more! Soup : a mix of vegetables~ Car : Citroën C1 TV show : Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock and Fringe :) Movie : The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, all Burton movies Sport : hmm... swimming, I guess Perfume : La Petite Robe Noire - Guerlain Stock Pullips doll: Seimei, Rozelux, Bergamote, Nathaniel, Requiem, Amadeo... most of my dolls are still stock ^^;. Custom Pullips Doll: Mirabelle, maybe? She got a new obitsu body and a new wig, so that makes her...
Photo by Wasurenagusa / Nox on Flickr
Cupcake pops for pets
Cupcake pops for pets
Cutie Pops Pets - Dott - Jada Toys 1009678 1009678 - Fashion Dolls ...
Cutie Pops Pets - Dott - Jada Toys 1009678 1009678 - Fashion Dolls ...
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