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I've been making In-Ground brick pizza ovens for quite a few years. Last year someone asked me to make a portable pizza oven for a Festival he was having. I Did!!! The festival went very well in just 2 hours we sold about 30-40 pizzas and brought in $520. And let me say this.... people were going crazy for the excellent pizza. I just bought all the materials for the pizza making. I usually make my own dough for my parties. Everyone had a great time working the oven. This definitely draws a lot of attention. So after that festival I used it twice and did another party for a very small crowd. My intention was that I would do parties, Festivals, farmer markets, etc. But I haven't had time to try to book events and just been working. So if you want to work this awesome Pizza Oven read on and bid!

I totally designed this Pizza Oven Trailer, it's an 8x10'. I designed the trailer and bought it brand new. It maybe has 200 miles on it. Had custom welding done. Like support beams every 2 feet to hold the plywood which is PT. I had the rear gate cut down. Spare tire and rear support jacks installed. LED lights.

On top of the wood is an insulated foam that is 2" thick, then the yellow fire bricks, and built up the oven from there. Several insulation layers and then covered in steel mesh to hold it down then a bed of concrete 5000 psi all around. This thing ain't going anywhere! I used heatable mortal, mortar with fibers and the 5000 psi.

I have the Title and this whole this is Sold As-Is.

Just light a fire and about 30-45 minutes after- you are ready to crank out pizzas. It will reach over 1000• and cook pizzas in about 2 minutes and when it cools down it takes longer. So just put more wood in it and then it cooks quickly.

A tarp cover is included...

Some dried firewood (oak & cherry) is included...

The flat metal pizza peel is Included...

And a some other goodies..

You can come check it out by appointment.

BEST of all is for a buyer that is local I will deliver it and I personally will train you on this and obviously we will crank out a Bunch of pizzas. I will include my dough, and you will provide sauce, cheese and toppings..... I guarantee this will be one of the best parties and Best idea ever.

You will be very happy you bought this.

O R....

In case I don't sell this amazing money maker I will keep it and book some parties.

Oh logistically:

1-2 people making the pizza

1 person cooking

1 person selling

Everyone has fun (included)

What questions do you have?

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