Brick Pizza Oven Design

Building a Wood-Fired Oven for Bread and Pizza

by Prospect Books
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The ultimate project for the DIY cook: a chance to construct a working oven, as adjunct to the barbecue, for baking home-made bread and pizza. Have you ever wondered why bread doesnt taste like it used to? Bread with never the chance to develop the crackling deep crust, or capture that aroma of wheat that comes from making bread slowly, and baking it in brick: this book holds the secret. Ovens were invented in the ancient world for one thing only: baking bread. Their design, materials and methods of firing have not changed over millennia. The ovens now working in the Greek countryside-or which stand ruined in village squares in the Dordogne-are the same as those that baked bread for Caesar. This ancient technology is within our grasp. The construction of a brick oven in the garden (no fire hazards, no major structural problems, no planning difficulties) is described with the novice builder in mind, the plan based on the authors own oven, running in Devon today. Detailed plans and illustrations are provided. Further chapters describe how to fire and run such ovens, and give guidance on bread and pizzas which are ten times better, and tenderer, than any baked in the usual cooker. And there is information on restoring and running old ovens thousands of which have survived in farmhouses across Britain.

Product description

This book not only helps any person interested in designing and building a contra flow masonry heater / pizza oven from start to finish, but shows a number of problems the author ran into and overcame in the process. This book shows that any person with a desire can overcome any difficulty, including a lack of any kind of experience laying bricks or masonry, and successfully build a fully functional and reliable interior contra flow fire device and operational pizza oven inside your kitchen or home.

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Demagogue recalls history of beehive coke ovens in Fayette County 03/18/15, via Tribune-Review

This week, Shandorf joined a chock-a-block house at the Connellsville Canteen listening to Mike Mance, 42, of Delmont speak about the ruins of the beehive coke ovens found all around Fayette County. “I've been interested in the (coke) ovens all of my

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The Feature of a Birmingham, Alabama Pizzaiolo 03/16/15, via Yahoo Food

On or near the chunk where Hall and his crew fire anchovy and sunny-side-up-egg pizzas in two squat brick ovens that resemble turtles on stilts, mechanics fix flats at two garages, entrepreneurs design websites at a hip studio, bare hats scrounge for

Edifice a wood-fired pizza Oven

This pizza oven slideshow was produced to remedy and encourage all of those who need what ever help they can get in pizza oven building and design. It was built from fire brick and has an internal.


The Bread Builders

The Bread Builders

Published by Chelsea Green Publishing 1999

ISBN 9781603580137,1603580131
250 pages

Creating the excellent loaf of bread--a challenge that has captivated bakers for centuries--is now the rage in the hippees places, from Waitsfield, Vermont, to Point Reyes Station, California. Like the new procreation of beer drinkers who consciously seek out distinctive craft-brewed beers, many people find that their palates have been reawakened and re-educated by the drop of locally baked, whole-grain breads. Today's village bakers are finding an important new role--linking tradition with a sophisticated new mind of natural levens, baking science and oven construction. Daniel Wing, a lover of all things artisinal, had long enjoyed baking his own sourdough bread. His pursuit for the perfect loaf began with serious study of the history and chemistry of bread baking, and eventually...

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A dismal chef has earned equity. Great pizza has garnered a place in everyday Birmingham life. And it has all happened at Post Office Pies , set in a repurposed pillar office in the burgeoning Avondale neighborhood. John Hall is the chef. He’s also co-owner, along with three partners, including the folks behind Saw’s Force Kitchen, the neo-barbecue joint wafting smoke across the alley. Hall knows the neighborhood. As a boy, he steered a Big Wheel down nearby 42nd High road North, where his grandparents lived and where he hung the laundry his grandmother Louellen Wilkins washed. When Hall returned home from New York City to obtainable Post Office Pies, he moved into a brick bungalow one door down from where, in the midday heat of summer, he cut her grass with a push mower. Since opening this one-time March, Post Office Pies—with its trussed ceiling, color-field block walls, tuck-and-roll banquettes, and chalkboard menu—has emerged as the give to meet the synagogue softball team or the high school chess club for salads... On or near the block where Hall and his crew fire anchovy and cloudless-side-up-egg pizzas in two squat brick ovens that resemble turtles on stilts, mechanics fix flats at two garages, entrepreneurs design websites at a hip studio, hard hats abort... Avondale is a crazy-quilt model of a modern South neighborhood, working to balance the pitfalls of gentrification and the promise of new economic investment. Hallway made his rep in Manhattan. And at Per Se, Thomas Keller’s big-night-out restaurant on Columbus Circle. At Gramercy Tavern, where Danny Meyer has long set national standards for intuitive and sociable service, Hall worked the line for nearly four years and learned the infectious approach to hospitality now practiced by his crew. Walk in the door at Shore Office Pies, and the bartender looks up from the row of Avondale Brewery taps to smile. Order a Margherita pie to go, and the clerk hands you a plastic cup stuffed with raw-cut basil leaves for home garnishing. Hall is a thinker and talker. When I called to say how much I like his wood-fire-blistered pepperoni pizza, tiled with as thick as thieves slices of Molinari salami, and his market salad of roasted vegetables, piled unceremoniously on a crème fraîche–slathered pizza tin, we enjoyed a... Meeting knows his pizza. And he knows the South. He says that his work experience—which prior to New York also included stints with Michelle Weaver at Charleston Grill in South Carolina and Honest Stitt at Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham—has delivered more than on-the-job training after... That pedigree affords him lifelong insulation from the bigotry that says black chefs can’t steer kitchen brigades. “My résumé tells people that, no matter what I look like, no matter what my skin color is, I qualify for the job,” Hall told me in a tranquil and soft voice that made clear he understands the import of owning his own restaurant at a time when too few...

Forno Venetzia Fully Assembled Pizza Oven - Red
Forno Venetzia Fully Assembled Pizza Oven - Red

Home & Outdoor

Designed & Engineered in Italy, Fully Assembled Oven. cart & Shelves require assembly. Ready to Use â€" no curing required. 24" x 20" of cooking surface. Fully insulated. Fire brick hearth. Folding side shelf. Retractable tool holder. Oak door handle. warming shelf. 4 wheels (2 swivel. 2 fixed). Signature Chimney Cap. Stainless steel handle. Built-in thermometer. Powder Coated Paint. Red Finish.


Rachael Ray 46643 13.5 in. Round Cucina Ceramic Pizza Baking Stone - Cordierite
Rachael Ray 46643 13.5 in. Round Cucina Ceramic Pizza Baking Stone - Cordierite

Home & Outdoor

Whole pie or sliced, pizza's perfected fresh from the oven or hot off the grill, with the Rachael Ray Cucina 13.5" Pizza Grilling Stone. Make your own homemade pizza taste great and store-bought pizza taste better with this classic thick pizza stone from Rachael Ray. Cordierite is time-tested natural stone known for its durability, and its ability to absorb moisture, hold heat and bake evenly. Simply heat the stone, sprinkle a pinch of cornmeal or flour on the surface, slide on your pie, then bake or grill up that delicious, home-made golden-crusted pizza goodness. Best of all, the stone requires little in cleaning or care other than a brush and scrub with warm water. Then just let the stone air-dry and store it in your oven. This baking stone brings brick-oven-baked pizza cooking to the home oven and the grill. Heat resistant to 900°F, the stone incorporates generously-sized handles into its design with plenty of space for potholders. Use it for calzones, for heating appetizers, even grilled paninis and it has a Rachael Ray quality assurance guarantee. Turn your own oven into a brick-oven-style pizzeria making fresh, homemade as easy as pie, with the Rachael Ray Cucina 13.5" Pizza Grilling Stone. The kitchen is one of the most important gathering rooms in the home, which is why you need the right kitchen utensils and appliances to create an inviting atmosphere. Whether you create meals for a large family or you are cooking for two, we provide everything you need to create the perfect meal. Fill your kitchen with the aroma of delicious foods cooked with ease using one of the quality kitchen utensils from us. Features Cucina collection Sturdy flameproof cordierite stone delivers brick-oven pizza baking results in the oven or on the grill Uncoated stone bakes evenly crisped pizza edges and beautifully browned crusts Stone withstands thermal shock, easy-care and easy-clean Wash with water only Heat resistant to 900°F Specifications Color: Cream Material: Stone,


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Pizza chains change inroads in NJ, NY - 03/17/15, via My Foxny

Duty, quick pizza is the hot new trend in fast casual dining ... Customers walk in, pick their toppings, and wait just three minutes while their pizzas cook in the brick oven. Gregory Wank, chairman of the foodstuffs and beverage industry group at Anchin ...

The man behind Hakkasan opens a Turkish-category pizzeria in London - 03/17/15, via

where a Turkish-design pizza called pide is the star. Yau commissioned Istanbul-based design studio Autoban to transform the restaurant’s three levels inside a late 19th-century brick erection into a contemporary space with nods to Turkey’s heritage.

Ruth Gresser Talks Breakfast Pizza and Present Fast-Casual - 03/16/15, via Eater DC

Newsflash: there will be three distinguishable types of said breakfast pizza ... their ovens so that it replicated the word-burning oven that we use at the Paradiso restaurants. I'm really, really excited and happy with the oven spot. It's a brick floor ...


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This is the piscina in the bathroom at the Brick Oven Pizza off MoPac and 360. It's a pleasing design and very unique. The only flaw is, it wasn't designed for child. He cranked the faucet on and water went all over the shock.
Photo by xadrian on Flickr
Brick oven with temperature measure
Brick oven with temperature measure
Brick oven plans
Brick oven plans
this article is about brick oven plans erection a brick
this article is about brick oven plans erection a brick

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