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Gas fired pizza oven Bollore Pizza Party easy to move and ready to use, the modern art of cooking (all taxes included)

by Pizza Party
Price: $1599.00 Buy Now

  • excellent for neapolitan pizza, roast, bread, barbecue and fish
  • the original gas fired pizza oven mobile most versatile 100% made in Italy
  • ..and if you have not a gas cylinder, you can use the oven with firewood! It's easy to remove the gas burner.

Product description

News 2017: Pizza Party a tutto gas!! Bollore ovens!

Many good reasons to choose an outdoor gas pizza oven Pizza Party Passione or Bollore:

- They are easy to use, fast in heating and cooking.

- You can use wherever you want on the terrace and garden without worrying about the smoke and the neighbors.

- Optimized gas burner to allow high performance and have so much space available on the floor.

- Easy gas control to cook pizza bread and roasts.

- There isn't ash.

- Assembled with professional materials, ideal for private use and street food business.

- Ready to use.

- ..and if you have not a gas cylinder, you can use the oven with firewood! It's easy to remove the gas burner.

Outdoor gas fired pizza oven Bollore features:

External size: 70 x 70 cm = 0.49 mq (27,56" x 27,56")

Cooking floor size: 60 x 60 cm = 0.36 mq (23,62" x 23,62")

Weight with bricks: 51 kg (110 lb.)

Weight without bricks: 36 kg (77 lb.)

Power: 20KW

Special offer: Cover, cap for wood use, quick-connection + tube and LPG regulator assembled

USA and CANADA customers: is inlcuded a dedicated tube and LPG regulator assembled without quick-connection

Stand with wheels, pizza peels NOT INCLUDED, these and other accessories shown in the photos to be purchased separately in our shop online

Man Law BBQ Products MAN-PS2 Series Ceramic Pizza Stone with Stainless Steel Frame, One Size, Stainless Steel and Tan

by Man Law BBQ Products
List price: $31.09 Price: $31.14 Buy Now

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Embossed man law logoed ceramic pizza stone
  • For use indoor and outdoor ( grill, smoker, pizza oven, wood fired oven or standard oven )

Product description

Make pizza on the grill, smoker or oven with Awesome results. Includes an stainless steel frame rack with handles for easy placement & removal. Includes an embossed man Law logoed ceramic pizza stone for the perfect pizza crust.

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The hottest trends in outside entertaining 03/16/15, via

On flourish were high-end grills, wood-fired pizza ovens, and upscale fire pits, among other inspirations for creating an outdoor oasis. Each oven is designed to use any approved combustible encouragement including wood, charcoal, briquettes, and fire starters.

Bacco Pizzeria & Wine Bar to unfasten in Harrisburg 03/18/15, via

Pizza dough and crust will be made in-house, and the pizzas will be baked in a gas-fired brick oven. Bacco is also giving Randazzo a chance to do a wine bar, something he said he has always wanted to do. He said the concept will budget diners to come in 

Earthstone Wood and Gas Vigour Pizza Ovens

Earthstone Ovens originate of wood, gas and coal pizza ovens for residential and commercial use.


Vital Eats

Vital Eats

Published by Clarkson Potter 2011

ISBN 9780307953315,0307953319
368 pages

Ed Levine and the editors of chow blog bring you the first Serious Eats book, a celebration of America’s favorite foods, from pizza to barbecue, tacos to sliders, doughnuts to egg sandwiches, and much more. Grave Eats crackles with the energy and conviction that has made the website the passionate, discerning authority on all things delicious since its inception in 2006. Are you a Serious Eater? 1. Do you devise your day around what you might eat? 2. When you are heading somewhere, anywhere, will you go out of your way to eat something delicious? 3. When you daydream, do you often find yourself thinking about food? 4. Do you living to eat, rather than eat to live? 5. Have you strained relationships with friends or family by dictating the food itinerary—changing everyone’s...

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Alfresco Grill – Pizza Oven – 2015 Review Intro

The Appliance Fellow Starts His Review of Alfresco Grills and Pizza Ovens . We’ve finally hit 50 degrees here in NY for a few days running…the snow is melting, daylight savings has kicked in, the crocus are starting to flake off through the soil…all I... And with the onset of Spring we welcome outdoor grill season here at Curto’s (which has actually become a year-round preoccupation for us). We’re starting to get phone calls about Weber’s, DCS, etc…. From a product standpoint what I am most excited about this season is our commitment to the Alfresco outdoor culinary system field. Let’s avoid the marketing gobbledy gook and call it as it is – Alfresco makes absolutely kick-ass outdoor grills and their gas-fired pizza oven has received rave reviews from customers. I wasn’t sold on Alfresco for the persist few seasons as they were being distributed by Viking, who, aside from having their own set of internal issues, couldn’t seem to decide whether to promote Alfresco or their own lineup of Viking out of doors product. So the end result was that we sold a bunch of DCS grills. However Alfresco is now being distributed by the pros at Almo Premium Appliances and they took the time to sit down with the Appliance Chap and some of my grill dudes and walk us through why this grill system is simply better than the competition. so much so that I’m sending a 42″ over to my parent’s for this summer, which is the site of most of my kinsfolk’s grilling shindigs. I’ll spend some time in a future post talking details about the Alfresco grill and Pizza Plus oven system. For now, feast your eyes on some desperately needed photos that us folks in the Northeast can savor as we hold-up to ignite our grills for the first time. Shop for Alfresco Grills and the Pizza Oven Plus at Curtos. com Curto's Appliance store of Westchester County NY is celebrating our 7th decade providing starring service and low prices on major kitchen appliance package deals. Curto's is an authorized dealer of all major appliances brands such as SubZero, BlueStar, Thermador, Viking, Wolf, Bosch, GE, Maelstrom, GE, Monogram, KitchenAid, Electrolux and more. In May 2014 Curto's opened the largest appliance showroom in Westchester County NY, the Bronx and Manhattan located at 1966 Important Park Ave in Yonkers NY. www. (NEW SHOWROOM) Westchester County, NY.

Source: Appliance Dude - Curto's of Westchester County NY
MAPZ-SS Mont Alpi Portable pizza oven
MAPZ-SS Mont Alpi Portable pizza oven

Home & Outdoor

The Mont Alpo table top pizza oven, a great addition to any patio, RV or Camp site. Elegant and functional. This oven gets to heat in no time and cooks gorgeous flame fired pizza in under 5 minutes on the stone included with the oven. Also great for baking outside, use as your outdoor patio or camping oven. This unit performs exactly the same as your indoor oven would. Roast a chicken, joint of beef or the thanksgiving Turkey on this phenomenal piece of equipment. Enhance your patio, outdoor island or camping experience with this award winning and versatile oven. The oven is converted to natural gas very easily with little cost and time involved. Product Speciication: Portable. Stainless steel. Natural gas convertible. Comes with one pizza stone. Dimension: 14" L x 12.5" W x 8" H


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Bacco Pizzeria & Wine Bar to make known in Harrisburg - 03/17/15, via Central Pennsylvania

The pizzas will be insulting-sized with toppings such as prosciutto. Pizza dough and sauce will be made in-house, and the pizzas will be baked in a gas-fired brick oven. Bacco is also giving Randazzo a chance to do a wine bar, something he said he has ...

The hottest trends in out of doors entertaining - 03/17/15, via Consumer Reports

On set forth were high-end grills, wood-fired pizza ovens, and upscale fire pits ... Called a countertop oven, the Chicago Brick Oven 750 Hybrid Oven includes a two-burner gas practice, with an infrared burner and an ambient burner at the back.

After eye-attractive renovation, new sports-themed family restaurant to open by mid-May in Port Angeles - 03/16/15, via Peninsula Daily News

Charming center stage as patrons walk through the 8-foot front doors is an igloo-shaped, gas-fired, brick pizza oven that will cook a half-dozen pizzas in 2½ minutes. At a pizza bar, customers will sit with the pizzas being made, just like Taylor raptly did as ...


  1. Modena Gas-Fired Oven Commercial Pizza Oven The Forno Bravo Professionale and Modena2G Gas ovens combines all of the advantages of the ritual Italian wood-fired oven, with the convenience of gas.
  2. Gas and wood chum pizza oven This gas and wood blazing pizza brick oven heat source combo can be heated up to cooking or bread baking temperature by gas fuel, with a flame from gas burner, or ...
  3. Wood Fired Pizza Oven | Clay Tandoor | Robata Grill ... Wood and gas fired pizza ovens, Shahi Tandoors, the Robata Flame Grill, Asado Grill - Clay Oven Cast, market leader since 1974. Custom made to measure. Proud ...
after: Goal Pizza Margherita
after: Goal Pizza Margherita
I have to divulge, it doesn't look all that great, especially illuminated with the harsh kitchen light, but boy did it taste good! Yellow stains on the crust are from the olive oil. Unlike a actual Neapolitan pizza, this was cooked in a gas oven at 450 degrees for about 12-13 minutes. In Italy, these are cooked in a brick, wood fired oven at 800 to 1,000 degrees F for about 90 seconds. And they use much bigger ingredients....
Photo by contemplative imaging on Flickr
Scott explaining the position of gas-fired deck ovens
Scott explaining the position of gas-fired deck ovens
Photo by joebeone on Flickr
Bleecker Drive Pizza: Open
Bleecker Drive Pizza: Open
The verve was still out, but they were making pizza anyway, with the help of their gas-fired oven and a few spelunker head lamps. West Village, Manhattan
Photo by Nick Sherman on Flickr
Place / Pizza Ovens / Gas Fired Ovens / Gasmate Pizza Oven in Black ...
Place / Pizza Ovens / Gas Fired Ovens / Gasmate Pizza Oven in Black ...
Pizza Pita Oven Gas Fired wood Enthusiastic mfg39 Rosito Bisani
Pizza Pita Oven Gas Fired wood Enthusiastic mfg39 Rosito Bisani
Open-air Gas fired pizza oven
Open-air Gas fired pizza oven
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  • Hotel4uLasVegas At the Palazzo Grimaldis Coal-fired oven pizza a sui generis smoky crisp crust that is just not possible with gas or wood

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