Homemade Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Cordierite Pizza Stone Cooking Kit with Pizza Cutter - 13" Pizza Stone, Cutter and Cooling Metal Rack, Made for Oven and Barbeque Grill

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  • AUTHENTIC ITALIAN TASTE: The godfathers of classic traditional Italian pizza say the secret between cooking authentic Italian pizza and the softness of homemade pizza is the cooking temperature. With POMODORO's cordierite pizza stone, extreme heat is stored and released onto the pizza dough, cooking evenly making it crispier, tastier and more authentic than just plain old baking in the oven
  • VERSATILITY AND BUILT TO LAST: Our pizza stone is made with the finest materials in cordierite stone, allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures up to 1,150°F. Useable in any situation, whether it's your conventional oven and BBQ propane or charcoal grill. With its resistance to thermal shock, our pizza stone will not crack or split like the other stones on the market by normal temperature changes. Buy and invest for quality that lasts decades
  • BECOME A PIZZA CONNOISSEUR & ARTISAN BAKER: You cannot call yourself a pizza connoisseur or artisan baker unless you use a baking pizza stone and a complete pizza set. With our pizza stone, the high heat temperature is a must to cook the crispiest, tastiest crust that evenly cooks the pizza. Ever wanted to create your own artisan pizza? This is a MUST HAVE!

Product description


POMODORO's All-in-One Baking Oven and BBQ Pizza Cordierite Stone Complete Cooking Kit Set was crafted specifically for the pizza maker, home chef and artisan baker.

The complete set includes:
  1. 13" Cordierite Pizza Baking Stone
  2. Cooling Metal Rack
  3. Large Pizza Cutter

Luxuriously crafted using the best-in-class quality cordierite stone, its natural mineral properties withstands extreme heat temperatures up to 1,150°F and possesses super-high heat transfer ability. In addition to its heat resistant properties, cordierite stone resists thermal shock, the reason that leads to other ceramic baking stones to crack and split in half easily. Invest in a high quality pizza stone that will last for decades.
The pizza stone was made for versatility - whether being used in a conventional oven, propane or charcoal grill, bake and cook restaurant-style level quality pizza, bread and other baked goods.

Full Complete Package

With POMODORO's All-in-One Baking Oven and BBQ Pizza Cordierite Stone Complete Cooking Set, you have everything you need to bake restaurant-level quality pizza at incredible value.

  • 13" Cordierite Pizza Stone - $34.99
  • Large Metal Pizza Cutter - $19.99
  • Chrome Metal Cooling Rack - $9.99
  • TOTAL - $64.97
  • POMODORO's Complete All-in-One Package: $24.99!!

Backed by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, try our pizza baking stone risk free and get your full money back if you don't enjoy authentically cooked Artisan style pizza!

It's a no brainer, Add to Cart now and taste the authentic difference!

Baker's Advantage Nonstick Pizza Crisper, 12-Inch

by Baker's Advantage
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  • Exceptional ability to transfer oven heat to all sides of pan quickly and easily
  • Constructed of 0.4mm carbon steel which provides even heat distribution and consistent baking results
  • Nonstick coating on front and back for easy food release and quick cleanup

Product description

This Baker's Advantage Pizza Crisper features an evenly spaced hole pattern that delivers crispy crusts on frozen, leftover, or homemade pizza. Constructed from quality carbon steel, it is designed to transfer oven heat to all sides of pan quickly and easily. The nonstick coating on front and back for easy food release and quick cleanup. Dishwasher safe. Pizza crisper has a 13 inch diameter.

HOW TO Construct,make,a homemade,wood fired,clay brick pizza oven


matt makes a pizza oven with some boost from tom cox.

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