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A comprehensive guide to making pizza, covering nine different regional styles--including standards like Neapolitan, Roman, and Chicago, as well as renowned pizza sub-specialties like St. Louis and Californian--from chef, 12-time world Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani.
Everyone loves pizza! From fluffy Sicilian pan pizza to classic Neapolitan margherita with authentic charred edges, and from Chicago deep-dish to cracker-thin, the pizza spectrum is wide and wonderful, with something to suit every mood and occasion. And with so many fabulous types of pie, why commit to just one style? The Pizza Bible is a complete master class in making delicious, perfect, pizzeria-style pizza at home, with more than seventy-five recipes covering every style you know and love, as well as those you’ve yet to fall in love with. Pizzaiolo and eleven-time world pizza champion Tony Gemignani shares all his insider secrets for making amazing pizza inhome kitchens. With The Pizza Bible, you’ll learn the ins and outs of starters, making dough, assembly, toppings, and baking, how to rig your home oven to make pizza like the pros, and all the tips and tricks that elevate home pizza-making into a craft.

Featured Recipes from The Pizza Bible

Download the recipe for Cast Iron Skillet Pizza
Download the recipe for Mastunicola

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven: Make Your Own Pizza Oven Create the Perfect Pizza

by New Holland Publishers
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The arrival of the outdoor pizza oven into suburban backyards has opened up a new world for pizza lovers and those who appreciate well-cooked food. In Build Your Own Outdoor Pizza Oven, author and chef John Pellicano takes the reader through the steps of building and maintaining an outdoor pizza oven, and shares 40 of his best pizza recipes. The variety of toppings on offer, this book will make a gourmet chef of even the most casual weekend warrior. This book also displays other foods that can be successfully cooked in an outdoor oven such as; roast dinners, chicken wings and vegetable dishes that will maximize your outdoor pizza oven experience.

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The Gadgeteer

Taking delivery. Make your pizza in this little pizza box. 03/12/15, via The Gadgeteer

If you have teens who eat a lot of pizza, and you'd like a cheaper way to provisioning all this pizza other than delivery, consider the cute little Cuizen Pizza Box Oven. It can cook up to a 12″ pizza, and it works with either homemade or frozen pies. You

The Hunk Oven Brew Pub: Homemade pizza, brewed-on-site beer - new spin on ... 02/25/15, via

For Josh and Nicole Bringman, it's in fact a hands-on experience at The Brick Oven Brew Pub. The couple had a crazy notion: What if we made both pizza and beer? Specifically, homemade wood-fired pizzas made to dictate and brewed-on-site beers.

Construction a wood-fired pizza Oven

This pizza oven slideshow was produced to lend a hand and encourage all of those who need what ever help they can get in pizza oven building and design. It was buil.

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Disregard delivery. Make your pizza in this little pizza box. - The Gadgeteer

John: Hey Janet we found a produce filled with thousands of military grade record players. Janet: I’m hungry, whens lunch. John: Focus Janet, we have 73,000 of these sad metal record players, we need to get rid of them. Janet: Rumble. John: Tell your stomach to focus too. Janet: Lets get Pizza. John: Hey that’s a great dream, we add a heating element. Janet: Huh.

Panasonic NN-H765BF Microwave Oven 1250W - Black
Panasonic NN-H765BF Microwave Oven 1250W - Black

Home & Outdoor

The Panasonic NN-H765BF Microwave Oven - 1250W - BlackPanasonic has succeeded in evolving Turbo Defrost, which allows you to defrost foods even faster than previous Panasonic Auto defrost. Panasonic Inverter Turbo defrost technology is an advanced microwave sequencing system using the Inverter low-power delivery feature. It was developed on the basis of what scientists call Chaos Theory. This design makes it possible to distribute microwave energy with the most appropriate combination of regularity and irregularity. Features: Product Type - Microwave Oven Color - Black Form Factor - Countertop Input Voltage 120 V AC Power Consumption 1460 W Oven Type Single Features Quick Minute Features Auto Reheat Features Keep Warm Features Delay Start Cooking Method Microwave Turntable Diameter 15 Main Oven Capacity 1.60 ftSpecifications: Controls - Touch Panel Status Indicators - One touch sensorLanguage Support EnglishFrenchSpanishProduct Type Microwave OvenManufacturer Part Number NN-H765BFManufacturer Website Address www. panasonic. comManufacturer PanasonicProduct Model NN-H765BFProduct Name NN-H765BF Microwave OvenBrand Name PanasonicColor BlackForm Factor CountertopInput Voltage 120 V ACFrequency 60 HzPower Consumption 1.46 kWPower Levels 10Oven Type SingleOven Capacity 1.60 ftFeaturesAuto defrostDelay StartAuto reheatFunction keyTimerFamily sizeOven Interior: EpoxyKeep warm and simmerQuick minuteMore and less controlDoor windowControl panel: Button panelAuto cook menuOatmealBeveragesBaconBreakfast sausageOmeletFrozen entreesWhite ricePastaFrozen pizza (single)Frozen vegetablesPotatoesFresh vegetablesPopcornCooking Stages 5 - MultiCooking Method MicrowaveTurn


Pizzacraft Pizza Oven Leg Kit PC6011
Pizzacraft Pizza Oven Leg Kit PC6011

Everything Else

Give your Pizzeria Pronto a little lift with the leg kit! The attachable legs creates a stable, independent platform for the Pizzeria Pronto and raises the cooking surface to 40.25 from the ground. Charcoal Companion's Pizza craft Pizza Oven Leg Kit includes a base for a 20 lb. propane tank to conveniently tuck under the pizza oven. The top support brace features a utility rack for keeping your pizza making tools handy.


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After eye-infectious renovation, new sports-themed family restaurant to open by mid-May in Port Angeles - 03/15/15, via Peninsula Daily News

Bewitching center stage as patrons walk through the 8-foot front doors is an igloo-shaped, gas-fired, brick pizza oven that will cook a half-dozen ... room to some extent than hide it in the kitchen. “We are making a statement on how different we are — and how ...

How To Make A Savoury Ultron Pie For Ultimate Pi Day - 03/15/15, via Cinema Blend

Just make safe, no matter how much you want Ultron defeated ... Lift the dough circle over the plate and lightly press into the bottom. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Study the piecrust with egg white and pour in the two cans of pie filling.

Here’s How To Make A Pizza Pie That’s In point of fact Pie - 03/14/15, via BuzzFeed

5. Engagement the whole crust with an egg wash (one egg whisked with 1 tablespoon of water), then bake it for 10 minutes in a 425°F oven, until it’s starting to brown. To keep the crust from getting too soggy, you necessary to bake it a little bit before you add ...


  1. Make A Pizza Oven > Stingingly Tread by step guide on how to make your own wood fired pizza oven
  2. How to make a homemade Pizza Oven - Intro: How to make a homemade Pizza Oven. This is a slowly by step guide on how to build a homemade pizza oven from scratch!! This is a great, relatively cheap project ...
  3. How to construct a Pizza Oven - Intro: How to figure a Pizza Oven. Building a woodfired oven with clay or mud After having built a oven for myself, ... Now i need to learn how to make pizza!!!!
Pizza's available!
Pizza's available!
I muse on this maybe cost us $5. Two kinds of pepperoni, Fresh Mozzarella, and a little onion powder on the crust for that extra flavor. Hopefully this ends up in our dinner rotation more time again.
Photo by Perfectance on Flickr
(6/52) Pizza On occasion!
(6/52) Pizza On occasion!
Kathleen and I make amusing pizza together. Look at this one full size for a moment - the expore had to be pretty long because it was being lit by the oven light, so you can see the out of focus bits where the cheese was bubblig. Delicious.
Photo by RLHyde on Flickr
New oven
New oven
I invested in a Chadwick pizza oven this week: still getting the clutch of it, but it does make pretty good pizzas.
Photo by raindog on Flickr
Strengthen Your Own Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
Strengthen Your Own Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
Image by
How to make pizza oven
How to make pizza oven
... Make Pizza - Making Enchanting Stone Oven Style Pizza In A Dutch Oven
... Make Pizza - Making Enchanting Stone Oven Style Pizza In A Dutch Oven
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  • justnatjo When you make 8 pizza rolls in the oven and regretfulness not making the whole bag.
  • TastyStreetFood Make Veg Pizza in Microwave Convection Oven Technique - - #Convection #Microwave #oven
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