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I have always had a passion for fire and wood ovens. Anthony's own love for cooking with fire is contagious and his knowledge about wood-fired pizza is all encompassing. This is an inspiring and well-written book from a teacher you can really trust!Alice Waters, author of The Art of Simple Food and Owner of Chez Panisse Restaurant

From Anthony Tassinello, chef at Berkeley’s famed Chez Panisse, your must-have pizza cookbook for making mouth-watering meals from your wood-fired pizza oven—from classically simple Margherita pizza to more exciting and challenging recipes.

From those first drawn-out moments when the blistering dough rises against the oven floor to that steamy first bite, chef Anthony Tassinello walks you through the time-tested tradition of preparing—and savoring—a perfect wood-fired oven pizza. Tassinello shares need-to-know tips and techniques for crafting palate-pleasing pizzas, calzones, hand pies, focaccia, and more, while reminding us all of the joy of gathering friends and family over a mouth-watering home-cooked meal. With over 85 recipes ranging from fresh takes on classic pizzas to inspired new combinations, plus a bonus “beyond pizza” chapter that showcases the versatility of wood-fired cooking, this is the go-to wood-fired pizza oven resource for 21st century home cooks.

BLACK+DECKER CTO6335S 6-Slice Digital Convection Countertop Toaster Oven, Includes Bake Pan, Broil Rack & Toasting Rack, Stainless Steel Digital Convection Toaster Oven

by Applica Incorporated/DBA Black and Decker
List price: $59.05 Price: $43.19 Buy Now

  • Removable Crumb Tray - Keeps counters clean and makes it easy to remove crumbs before they burn in the bottom of the oven.see page 15 for troubleshooting, page 20 for warranty information Dimensions: 10.87"L x 19.45"W x 13.54"H
  • 12" Pizza, 6 Slices of Bread - The expanded toaster oven fits nicely on the countertop, while the curved interior makes room for 12" pizzas and 6 slices of bread.
  • 120-Minute Timer - The digital timer ensures accurate results. Set it for short jobs like toasting and broiling, or longer for baking. The oven turns off when the timer runs out.

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Cooking versatility at the touch of a button! The BLACK+DECKER 6-Slice Stainless Steel Convection Countertop Toaster Oven with Broiler Pan features one-touch functions for a whole range of foods: bagels, pizza, frozen snacks, potatoes, and cookies. Convection technology circulates air within the oven for fast and even results while baking. Plus, the toaster oven includes a broiler pan and an external crumb tray that slides in and out, making cleanup a breeze. When it’s time to eat, trust the #1 brand in toaster ovens**—BLACK+DECKER. Dual position rack place food right under the broiler or make room for large items. High and low oven rack positions provide the versatility to have great results on all foods. Nonstick interior cleanup is fast. Just wipe clean the cooled nonstick surfaces.

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Tennis leading man Andre Agassi, 44, lives in Nevada with wife Steffi Graf, 45, also ... 03/09/15, via

I am a plumb keen cook and have a wonderful kitchen but the jewel in its crown is my pizza oven which is fantastic for cooking fish and meat too. Sometimes Steffi and I will have up to 40 people over for a carry to extremes, which I love as for me cooking is never

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Supremo puts new revolution on brick-oven pizza 03/12/15, via Coastal Point

“It's all about the temperature,” said Mensh, describing the oven as new technology with an old-set taste. “Most pizza places are conveyer belts. They cook about 500 degrees — 600 max if they're lucky. Other brick ovens use wood. With my oven, with

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How to develop intensify a Pizza Oven. Can be cooking in one hour with a really good fire.


My Pizza

My Pizza

Published by Clarkson Potter 2012

ISBN 9780307953230,0307953238
192 pages

Exhort homemade pizza that exceeds your wildest expectations—yet couldn’t be simpler—with Jim Lahey’s groundbreaking no-knead dough and inventive toppings. The secret to incredible pizza is a fine crust—one that is crisp yet chewy, and slightly charred around the edges. Jim Lahey, the baking genius behind New York City’s celebrated Sullivan Boulevard Bakery and Co. pizza restaurant, has developed a brilliant recipe that requires no kneading and produces an irresistible crust in any home oven—gas or electric—in fewer than five minutes. My Pizza shares this anarchist technique and the creative pies that put Co. on the map, as well as recipes for salads, soups, and desserts to make a meal complete. The pizzas in this book aren’t your worn out, run-of-the-mill pies. In fact, Jim’s unique...

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Tennis famous Andre Agassi, 44, lives in Nevada with wife Steffi Graf, 45, also ... -

1 Insight. I am a very driven person and need to feel inspired. When my tennis career ended I could have put my feet up and enjoyed a relaxed life in the sunshine. My pre-eminent focus is the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education which I set up more than 20 years ago to help provide deprived children with an education. It keeps me very engross and the sun really does shine brighter when you are motivated and inspired. 2 SNOWBOARDING. The moment I gave up professional tennis I started snowboarding, which I am crazy about. There is nothing unreservedly like the sheer exhaustion and elation you experience after a day out in the snow. Snowboarding is a great leveller too as often when I meet strangers they are in awe of my fame and that makes things sticky. But when I'm snowboarding I'm just Andre, the regular guy rather than the former tennis champion. I've had the most amazing, life-affirming conversations sitting half way up a mountain with people I've just met. 3 PIZZA OVEN. I am a extraordinarily keen cook and have a wonderful kitchen but the jewel in its crown is my pizza oven which is fantastic for cooking fish and meat too. Sometimes Steffi and I will have up to 40 people over for a go overboard, which I love as for me cooking is never stressful. The first thing I have in the morning is a cup of black coffee which eases me nicely into the day. If I wasn't such a disciplined person I would possibly continue to drink coffee all day long as I love the buzz of caffeine but I know I wouldn't be able to sleep so I limit myself to a single fix each day. I don't have a sweet tooth but if I allowed myself I could go cuckoo with carbs. But I like to stay in control of my cravings, although having said that every now and then I do allow myself to have half a sourdough sandwich at the local deli. Some days I wholly don't have the time to exercise but I do like to work out as often as I can as I am very focused on my fitness. I really enjoy weightlifting and try to work on a different muscle bracket every day. I combine this with plenty of cardio and the odd session with my personal trainer. From time to time I will still have a game of tennis which is great but I'm not very keen on anything that puts too much struggle on my hips or back. These days, most of my spare time is spent ferrying my kids to their own sporting activities. Jaden is a talented baseball player and Jaz's titanic passion is hip hop dancing and I love seeing them so enthused and inspired about their sports. • Andre Agassi was speaking at the European launch of his "BILT by Andre Agassi & Gil Reyes" salubrity range, which is available at selected David Lloyd Leisure clubs. uk/content/bilt.

KitchenAid KCO275MY Majestic Yellow Convection Countertop Oven
KitchenAid KCO275MY Majestic Yellow Convection Countertop Oven

Home & Outdoor

Gourmet Full-Size Oven PerformanceUse your countertop oven to bake pizza, broil a side dish, keep an already cooked dish warm or toast bread.9 Pre-programmed FunctionsBake, Pizza, Asado Roast, Toast, Broil, Cookie, Bagel, Keep Warm and Reheat. Serve the perfect Beef Roast, perfectly cooked from the inside out. Enjoy crispy pizza and more with great results, broil the top of baked pasta until it's perfectly browned, keep cooked food warm or toast up to six slices of bread at once. Model KCO275 IncludesOne 12" non-stick multipurpose pan, (1) 12" broiling rack, (1) cooling rack, (1) non-stick drip tray12" CapacityOffers enough room to cook 2-12" pizzas, or cornish hens. The oven cavity also features a non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Interior CeramaShield™ CoatingNon-stick, scratch resistant and PTFE/PFOA freeConvection ModeEvenly bakes food and provides faster results.60-Minute TimerCan be set to remind you when a dish is finished and offers plenty of time for the requirements of most recipes.


LEGO(R) DUPLO(R) Town Pizzeria (10834)
LEGO(R) DUPLO(R) Town Pizzeria (10834)


2 years & up. Play out real-life scenarios in LEGO(R) DUPLO(R) My Town: a recognizable world with modern DUPLO(R) figures. Toddlers will love serving delicious pizza straight from the oven in this colorful restaurant, while learning the routines and etiquette of eating out. They can also take orders over the phone then load up the bike for delivery. 57 Pieces. Included: 3 LEGO(R) DUPLO(R) figures: a restaurant owner, dad and a child, Buildable pizzeria with opening pizza oven, outdoor seating area with umbrella, ice cream stand and delivery bike, Bricks decorated as tomatoes, chees, ice cream, pepper grinder, money and oven controls as story starters, 3 Pizzas with 2 different toppings, cash register, ice cream, cup, and a mobile phone, Pizzeria measures over 7H x 7W x 3D, Delivery bike measures over 1H x 3L x 1W.


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Subsistence Stories: Focaccia - 03/17/15, via Dawn

I have always enjoyed Italian chow, but my liking developed into a deep appreciation ... spread with toppings and bake in a pre-heated 450 degree oven for 10-12 minutes. For a large pizza or bread, spread into one extensive disc, pour toppings and bake at ...

Issue Highlights - 03/18/15, via San Antonio Express-News

It has installed its pizza ovens at so myriad gas stations and convenience stores that it has more U.S. locations than either Domino's or Pizza Hut. Federal debt limit comes back into force at $18.1 trillion WASHINGTON (AP) — After a year with no cap on ...

Pizza chains rush at inroads in NJ, NY - 03/17/15, via

and pizza that's not cooked in a conveyor oven. Inferno Pizza, a California-based chain of franchises is leading the charge, especially in New York and New Jersey where it already has five stores. Sozzi says Blaze has been the most unfriendly chain ...


  1. Pizza Hut Malaysia – Hot & Oven Alternative Pizzas Delivered ... Pizza Hut – Accessible of the signature Pan Pizza, delivering hot & oven fresh pizzas straight to your door! Call 1300-88-2525 or order online for your pizza, pastas, and ...
  2. my stone oven, how to build a pizza oven - YouTube Bruce cooks pizza in his new slab oven A very usefull site
  3. Goodfellas Pizzeria - New York Comrade Oven Pizza and Pasta Gratifying to Goodfella's Pizzeria, home to the best pizza in New York and the World! Featuring Catering Menus, Pizza School and Brick Ovens for Sale.
New oven
New oven
I invested in a Chadwick pizza oven this week: still getting the hang in there listen carefully of it, but it does make pretty good pizzas.
Photo by raindog on Flickr
Pizza for me
Pizza for me
I'm all behind on most chores but still Dialect expect to get some spring garden shots posted. This was for my lunch recently: capers are the dots here and there. The white is bits of fresh mozzarella: yum!
Photo by jacki-dee on Flickr
(6/52) Pizza Continuously!
(6/52) Pizza Continuously!
Kathleen and I establish delicious pizza together. Look at this one full size for a moment - the expore had to be pretty long because it was being lit by the oven light, so you can see the out of focus bits where the cheese was bubblig. Pleasurable.
Photo by RLHyde on Flickr
My pizza oven
My pizza oven
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My pizza oven.
My pizza oven.
Image by
SLIDESHOW: My Pizza Oven: Tailbiter's FrankenEgg
SLIDESHOW: My Pizza Oven: Tailbiter's FrankenEgg
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  • Tmoney68 RT @squirrel74wkgn: Listening to my ball lay out my weekend for the third time as she takes pizza rolls out of the oven... L-i-v-i-n the f…
  • RMC_13135 @_SHLEG Idk. It does this to any pizza I put in it. It's wonderful odd. My oven hates pizza I guess.
  • ronnieIouis RT @squirrel74wkgn: Listening to my ball lay out my weekend for the third time as she takes pizza rolls out of the oven... L-i-v-i-n the f…

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