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Outdoor Pizza Oven, Wood Fired, Insulated, w/ Brick Arch & Chimney

by PRC
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  • Important: Chimney Not Included! Color selection is limited!
  • Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • Wood Fired, Insulated

Product description

The New Generation of the Portuguese Brick Pizza Oven! This is a new and improved Portuguese brick oven! Crusty pizzas, slow cooked meat, bread aroma, and everything in between! We have used years of our experience and customer feedback redesign the classic Portuguese brick oven. Here is what's new: The oven is now made from firebricks as opposed to the red clay bricks. The floor is also made from firebricks as opposed to the old clay tiles. The door is wider: 20"! You can make a much larger pie than before. Door height: 12" RIGID insulation under the floor: floor tiles will NOT move Thanks to lots of ceramic fiber insulation the oven gets amazingly hot on the inside while staying amazingly cool on the outside: 900F inside while only 90F on the outside! (the picture shows it at 446C). The arch is made from full bricks allowing for an expanded landing area. The door is stand alone: not hinged like it used to be. Larger size: the oven is 44x44 on the outside, 31.5" diameter on the inside The weight is approx. 1200 lb Sprayed with Grey Cork finish. And now... the chimney! We have made it a lot easier to attach a US standard 6" chimney to this oven with the help of standard anchor plate. Please note: you will need both the plate and the chimney, we do not carry them. Simply attach the anchor plate to the support area on top of the oven and twist-lock your chimney to it, it's that simple. The holes for the screws to attach the anchor plate are already-drilled. We hope you will enjoy the new generation of the Portuguese brick oven!

Brick Pizza Oven, Insulated, Wood Fired, Handmade in Portugal, Brick or Stone Face (Stone)

by Authentic Pizza Ovens
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  • Productivity: 30 pizzas per hour. Cooks pizza's in 60-90 seconds and has a capacity to cook two 12″ pizzas at a time. Oven uses approximately 4-6 lbs of hard wood per hour depending upon the moisture and wood type.
  • TRADITIONAL HANDMADE BRICK WOOD FIRED PIZZA OVEN FROM EUROPE. This authentic wood fired pizza oven is the perfect size for most outdoor barbecue areas. The oven is insulated with high quality bricks
  • Ideal for wood fire pizzas it can also be used for cooking fish, vegetables, baking bread, soups, stews, roasts and meats. The oven also has the capabilities for spit- fire roasting. Ovens are rotisserie capable.

Product description

Authentic Wood Fire Pizza Oven

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The hottest trends in outdoor enjoyable 03/16/15, via ConsumerReports.org

The fresh Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Expo was a feast for the eyes. On display were high-end grills, wood-fired pizza ovens, and upscale fire pits, magnitude other inspirations for creating an outdoor oasis. If the wares on display were any indication

Belleria's Pizzeria brings pizza back to Maryville Fun Tyme 03/17/15, via The Edwardsville Intelligencer

We have three ovens – a sybaritic heat conventional, a brick oven, and a conveyor oven,” he said. This enables them to offer Chicago style, St. Louis style, and New York The restaurant also offers a lunch buffet from 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. The buffet will

How to Increase an Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven by BrickWood Ovens


An outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is incredibly well-schooled and allows you to make just about any dish you can think of. Cooking near an open fire helps to bring out unique flavors that can't.


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Ample Baby Purees

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Belleria's Pizzeria brings pizza back to Maryville Fun Tyme - 03/17/15, via The Edwardsville Intelligencer

We have three ovens – a rich heat conventional, a brick oven, and a conveyor oven,” he said. This enables them to offer Chicago style, St. Louis style, and New York style pizza ... The biggest swop may be the outdoor pavilion the family added.

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Brick Oven
Brick Oven
From our operate to the Pizza Farm.
Photo by Aaron Landry on Flickr
Pizza Farmstead!
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We had a vegan pizza topped with loads of veggies. The lad will be happier next continuously, when he can get just spinach and mushrooms and nothing more.
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outdoor pizza ovens
outdoor pizza ovens
... Outdoor Pizza Ovens » Wood Fired Brick Outdoor Pizza Oven Lather Mold
... Outdoor Pizza Ovens » Wood Fired Brick Outdoor Pizza Oven Lather Mold
outdoor pizza ovens
outdoor pizza ovens
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