Outdoor Fireplace Pizza Oven Combo

LAVAVIDA Kitchen Tongs 2 Pack - 9" Salad Tongs & 12" BBQ Tongs - Stainless Steel Food Tongs with Silicone Tips for Extra Grip (Black)

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  • PREMIUM DURABLE MATERIAL: Our serving tongs are made from strong 430# premium stainless steel, from the handles all the way to the scalloped heads which are hygienically coated with BPA free and FDA food grade approved silicone, it can heat resistant to 480F, stain and odor free. Cleaning these accessories is a breeze, simply wipe under warm water and little soap or throw it in your dishwasher!
  • EXCEPTIONAL FEATURES: Unlike pure stainless steel tongs, our silicone tipped tongs are safe to use with all your nonstick cookware. The handles feel good in a bare hand or a grilling glove. Storage is easy as the tongs have useful hanger hole and ring pull locking system ensure a smooth durable action that will last for years!
  • ESSENTIAL COOKING UTENSILS: The longer cooking tong is great for transfer raw chicken from a plate to the BBQ, transfer roasted meat from oven to cutting board or turn rashers of grilled bacon, another is the best choice of turn delicate vegetables, serving salads, pastas, fruit pieces, candy, baked goods, ice cube and much more! They will never lose their alignment, melt, warp or rust like cheap metal or nylon tongs. Skip the cheap metal tongs and buy quality now!

Product description

Are you still looking for high quality tongs that are designed for durability, longevity and heavy duty?

You are in the right place !!! LAVAVIDA gives you the best kitchenware solution!

Recommending our very own LAVAVIDA Silicone Kitchen Tongs, ideal for both household and outdoor use, such as buffets, parties, barbeques, picnics and camping trips!

The Best Features and Benefits that we provide for our valued customers:

* 1 x 9-Inch Tong + 1 x 12-Inch Tong

* 100% FDA Grade, BPA Free silicone

* 1.0mm extra thick 430# stainless steel for added strength and durability

* Heat resistant silicone tips up to 480 F, stiff silicone scalloped heads for firm grip and control

* Stain and odor resistant, with hygienic silicone heads molded onto steel heads ensuring they do not come apart or allow bacteria to grow

* Non-Stick friendly tongs, perfect for both non-stick cookware, the grill, or as salad tongs or serving tongs

* Designed with long-lasting, robust steel and premium grade silicone with a sturdy smooth-glide locking action, convenient storage

* Microwave safe * Oven Safe * Dishwasher Safe

We promise you: Money back guarantee on every purchase

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BBQ Grill Masters Premium Quality Grill Mat - Set of 4 + Grilling Recipe eBook - Works Great as a Baking Mat or Pan Liner - 100% Non-Stick and Reusable as Grill Pan or Griddle - Durable BBQ Grill Mats

by ABM Home Solutions
Price: $49.99 Buy Now

  • ✔ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - BBQ Grill Masters Mats have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. That means if you don't love them, they are free! No Hassle and No Questions Asked! So you can buy this BBQ Grill Mat Set with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE. Try it now risk free!
  • ✔ SUPER HEALTHY - BBQ Grill Masters Mats prevent food from falling through Grilling Grates. They are a great alternative to a Grill Pan or Cooking Grate! These Mats reduces unhealthy and harmful flare-ups and burns of typical Barbecue Grills. You do not have to worry anymore about leftover gunk contaminating food when cooking or grilling food for family and friends!
  • ✔ SUPER SAFE - These BBQ Mats are FDA Approved and comply with all international food regulations. They are 100% Food Grade Grill Mats as Seen on TV. They are also Eco-Friendly and easy to clean with a sponge and warm soapy water (top rack dishwasher-safe.)

Product description

Save Time, Cook Safer, Enjoy Healthier Food, and Protect Your Expensive Grill. Open The Door To a Whole New World of Possibilities With This Latest Innovative Barbecue Solution.

What separates our BBQ Grill Masters Mats from the Rest:

PREMIUM QUALITY: You can take a chance and buy similar looking Grill Mats from competitors, or you can purchase from us to Guarantee Top Quality and Reliable Performance using these Grilling Accessories. These Cooking Mats are PFOA, BPA & Lead Free.

VERSATILITY: You can transform any outdoor grill into a versatile, non-stick cooking surface. Our BBQ Mats are like a thin and flexible pan. They are made of fabric coated in a material similar to what is used on non-stick pots and pans. They are the Perfect Grill Accessories. They can be cut to fit any size or type of BBQ grill, your toaster oven, pans, cake and cookie tins for baking and roasting. They will make cooking food easier and tastier than ever like on any top-notch grill plate.

Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Mats:

✔ Do Not Use Above 500 Degrees Fahrenheit (260 Celsius.) Use Low To Medium Heat Settings
✔ Do Not Use Directly Over Open Flame Or Heat Source
✔ Do Not Fold, Use Sharp Metal Objects Or Utensils On The Mats As They Could Get Damaged

Our Grill Mats are Top Quality and come with a lifetime 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and No Return Hassle.


These BBQ Accessories make excellent gifts for family and friends for any occasion. They will have fun cooking with them and will thank you for it!

Thanks for choosing BBQ Grill Master Mats to be your best grilling companions!

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A sharp combination of Pizza oven and fireplace


A video featuring a unparalleled combination of fireplace and placed on top a pizza / bread oven - all situated in the outside kitchen. In this way one can use the.

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Hill Realm style and a downtown view in the garden of Ruthie Burrus

I see a lot of gardens on notable tours, which I enjoy tremendously. But being invited for a private tour of a new-to-me garden is a special treat, especially if the garden happens to belong to an avid gardener making the most of a good-looking, hilltop site overlooking downtown Austin. Such is the garden of Ruthie Burrus, a reader of Digging who recently dangled a fall garden assail in front of my nose, which I snapped up like a trout. Ruthie’s home sits at the top of a long, sloping driveway, and you approach through a rustic, Hill Boondocks-style garden. Large limestone stepping stones lead past a deep foundation bed filled with salvia and roses and accented by authority-blue ‘Whale’s Tongue’ agaves ( A. ovatifolia ). A large trough filled with water sits at the curve of the path, aligned with the... Examination dribbles down one corner of the trough onto a holey piece of limestone, making a hollow trickling sound, and then disappears into an underground basin to be recirculated. The vision across the entry garden. Pink roses add romance to the front walk. — olive jars dresses up the front porch. The entrance garden is partially enclosed by a wing made to look like a Fredericksburg-style Sunday house. I didn’t know what a Sunday put up was, so Ruthie explained that the German farmers who settled the Hill Country built small houses in town, which they stayed in when they came to town to fulfil watch over church. Stepping through the house and out onto the back porch, the skyline of Austin seems almost close enough to touch. Framed by live oaks and a sod that leads to the edge of steep drop-off, the view is stunning — and what most people notice instead of the garden, Ruthie told me. It would be hard for any garden to fence with that view…. …and wisely Ruthie keeps the garden clean and simple here. A sleek swimming pool accessed by geometric pavers of Lueders limestone lets the opinion take center stage. But off to the side, Ruthie cuts loose with a naturalistic, fall-blooming garden of Mexican bush sage ( Salvia leucantha ), set aster ( Symphyotrichum oblongifolium ), and Gulf muhly ( Muhlenbergia capillaris ). Concrete orbs with scooped-out... Ruthie likes rat herb ( Dyschoriste linearis ), which blooms purple in spring, as a groundcover amid the salvias and asters. The long view across the swimming-pool reveals string lights, which I believe Ruthie told me were temporary for a party they were preparing for. The view back toward the house — such an inviting space. The up to the minute arrangement of the limestone paving is interesting. The covered porch with a fireplace offers a cozy spot for a chilly day, although it was the opposite of chilly on the day I visited. A second, sincere-sided porch offers an outdoor dining spot. Notice the rain chains coming off the corners of the roof. They channel rainwater into underground pipes that fodder two large cisterns on the property. Runoff is collected from various points along the roof of the house, allowing for a lot of rainwater storage. From the dining porch my favorite emphasize of the garden comes into view: Ruthie’s gardening haus. Ruthie told me that it’s constructed from stones collected on the property during the house’s construction. A ‘Peggy Martin’ rose, also known as the Katrina rose (gratify click to read its moving story if you don’t know it), arches over the doors. Lavender and santolina fill raised stone beds that line the go. The arched doors inspired the whole thing, Ruthie told me. She found the weathered blue doors in a local French antique shop and had the focus constructed around them. It’s an utterly charming garden shed from every angle. Looking back you see the dining porch and, at right, a pizza oven. In front, planted in a fat iron cauldron, is a Mr. Ripple agave surrounded by purple-blooming ice plant, a lovely combo. Ruthie has a flair for creating interesting containers. Walking back about to the driveway you see.

Source: Digging

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It features a leafy roof, new guesthouse, glass-enclosed elevator, floor-to-ceiling windows, several decks and bridges, sunscreens, an outdoor fireplace and a wood-burning pizza oven. The Seattle-based architect Scott Allen created the core before founding ...

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Mod's patrons can fabricate their own pizzas and salads, using any combination of 30 toppings ... based Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza, which also bakes thin-crust pizzas in a superhot oven, in the Chicago supermarket. Mod, which has 32 locations in Washington, Oregon ...


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Outdoor Fireplaces
Outdoor Fireplaces
The development is a great oven and a little fireplace to boot.
The development is a great oven and a little fireplace to boot.
outdoor fireplace pizza oven combo | Congruity Outdoor Living Areas ...
outdoor fireplace pizza oven combo | Congruity Outdoor Living Areas ...

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