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YoHom Ceramic Pizza Stone for Grill and Oven - Large Round 10 Inch Nonstick Baking Stone with Built-in Handles for Kitchen or Outdoor BBQ - Thick Professional Bread Stoneware, Black

by YoHom
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  • ❤Handles For Ovens And Grilling- Enjoy great pizza indoors and out. This baking stone works with standard gas and charcoal grills allowing you to add a pizza party to your barbecue. Built-in handles allow for easy transport
  • ❤Restaurant Quality At Home- From personal pan to party pies, pizza stones are the best way to cook and reheat your pizza on your oven rack or tray. Enjoy old world pizzeria quality pizza with this premium ceramic baking stone
  • ❤VersatileFfor Bread And Moer- This nonstick and durable round stone is a piece of cookware for more than just pizza. Enjoy baking breads, tarts or pastries as well as your favorite dinner recipes like chicken tenders, breaded shrimp and more. Your only limitation is your imagination (and appetite)

Product description

On the lookout for old-world pizzeria style pizza? YoHom's Private Pie Pizza Stone is on the case!

We all love pizza right? But usually, you'd have to deal with takeout or delivery to get that classic pizza taste. Well, not anymore! The Private Pie Pizza Stone by YoHom is a high-end ceramic pizza stone that delivers pizzeria quality pies straight to your home kitchen. Neat!

Constructed from durable ceramic that can handle temperatures of up to 450? (230?) without breaking a sweat. Sports a non-stick coating to make sure that your pizza doesn't stay on the stone, and sticks to more important places, like your stomach. Features built in handles for easy transport. Effective both indoors and outdoors, and can definitely be taken outside for making pizza on standard BBQ grills.

Whatever your pizza or baking needs are, this stone is on it. Try it for baking bread or for making your own pastries. It's also great for reheating frozen meals in the oven like chicken pot pies.
Here are some key details about our Private Pie Pizza Stone and some care tips to ensure lasting quality and performance:
Size: 10 in. x 12 in. /31x25.5x2.5cm(fits 10-inch pizza)
Hand wash only
Wash pizza stone with soap and warm water and dry thoroughly before first-time use
Place pizza stone inside oven or grill BEFORE pre-heating and allow to warm up gradually
To prevent cracking, do NOT put cold pizza stone inside already-hot oven or grill - this will damage the ceramic construction
Wait until pizza stone has cooled fully before cleaning
Hot surface - use protective mitts or gloves when handling. Not a toy or weapon. Keep out of reach of children.

Lava Heat Italia - AMAZON-124 - Stainless Steel Finish - Propane Configuration

by Lava Heat Italia
List price: $1325.91 Price: $1600.74 Buy Now

  • Can operate up to 20 hours with a standard 20 lb. Propane tank
  • Solid steel construction
  • Perfect for outdoor cooking!

Product description

Lava heat Italia lhi-lapiazza-20btu-ss-lp la piazza pizza oven, natural gas, 20,000 BTU is made of solid steel construction. Easy assemble. 5 year warranty.

Piazza Pizza ovens 60 Journal Challenge


Piazza Pizza ovens set out to divulge 40 Pizzas in 60 Minutes. See how they went. pizzaovens.

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  1. La Piazza Al Forno | Slab Oven Pizza | Glendale, AZ | Pizza Italian Stallion (Kernel Pie) San Marzano Tomatoes D.O.P., House Made Mozzarella, Schreiners Sausage, Pepperoni, Prosciutto di Parma (crudo), Sopressata
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Wood-Fired Comrade Oven - Good things come from within...
Wood-Fired Comrade Oven - Good things come from within...
The organization end of the pizza oven - La Piazza al Forno - Glendale, AZ
Photo by raider3_anime on Flickr
The restaurant's namesake hunk oven
The restaurant's namesake hunk oven
The namesake wood-fired pal pizza oven itself - La Piazza al Forno - Glendale, AZ
Photo by raider3_anime on Flickr
La Piazza Al Forno - Entr and Banner
La Piazza Al Forno - Entr and Banner
La Piazza al Forno - Glendale, AZ
Photo by raider3_anime on Flickr
Image by gizmodo.com
corpulent landscaping project
corpulent landscaping project
Lincat PO430-2 Identical Deck Electric Pizza Oven £1472.00
Lincat PO430-2 Identical Deck Electric Pizza Oven £1472.00

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