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Adcraft Countertop Stackable Pizza Oven, 23 x 25 x 21 inch -- 1 each.

by Adcraft
Price: $920.00 Buy Now

  • 5 minute continuous timer and a 6 foot power cord.
  • thermostat range of 284° F to 680° F
  • CE Approved

Product description

Adcraft Countertop Stackable Pizza Oven, 23 x 25 x 21 inch -- 1 each. These new stackable stainless steel pizza ovens are perfect for use in kitchens with limited space. Each oven has two removable ceramic hearth baking shelves with a 3 1/4 inch deck height which makes them ideal for pizzas, breads and various bakery products. With a thermostat range of 284 degree F to 680 degree F, they also have a 15 minute continuous timer and a 6 foot power cord. CE, NSF.

Chef Oven Liner - Set of 3 Large Non-Stick Reusable Teflon Liners For Oven Gas Electric, Microwave Toaster Ovens Use as Oven Mat BBQ Grill Mat Baking Sheet and Pan Liner PFOA Free

Price: $16.80 Buy Now

  • ENJOY THE EXTRA SAVINGS FOR YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. Chefs & families traditionally buy liners for every type of cooking, baking or grilling which naturally will cost more money. Our Chef Oven Liners are so versatile you do not need to buy one for each type of cooking because our oven liners can be used as Grill Mat, Oven Liner, Pan Liner, and Baking Mat.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Our Chef Oven Liners are trusted by Chefs and loved by families. Every purchases comes with an industry leading LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Because we want to make sure when you purchase our Chef Oven Liners, you will never have to worry about anything else.
  • IMPRESSIVELY EASY TO CLEAN LINERS & SUPERB OVEN PROTECTION. Unbelievably easy to clean liners. All you need is a soft damp cloth or you can place it on top of dishwasher. We understand it takes a lot of energy to cook food for your friends, officemates or families so we made sure cleaning our oven liners is easier than A, B, C. And to top it all off? They help protect your oven floor from sticky food drips & spills. Thus, sparing you from backbreaking scrub cleaning agony.

Product description


· 3-Pack LARGE Heavy Duty Superior Quality Oven Liners

· Now with 2-Sided PTFE-Fiberglass Material ensuring Unbelievable Performance

· Each oven liner comes in 23" X 16.25" (Perfect for standard 30" ovens)

· 100% Non-Stick. Means Healthy cooking or baking without use of fats or grease

· PFOA Free


· FDA Approved

· Safe up to 500 F (260 Degree Celcius)

· Perfect as Baking Mat

· Perfect as Grill Mat

· Perfect for Cookie Sheets

· Perfect for Pan Liner

· Perfect for fridge mat

· Dishwasher Safe (Top Shelf only)

· Customizable. Cut to fit your oven

· Helps prevent Spill

· Ideal for Gas & Electric Ovens; toaster & Microwave Ovens

· Reusable, Eco-Friendly, Heat Resistant


Pizza Oven Unexcitedly Build

Pizza oven throw on gym-ball using pumice concrete or refractory concrete .

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Faint Photo Monday

The best clothes adjective to describe any given Monday morning is fuzzy. So, in honor of all those fuzzy Monday mornings, I’m posting fuzzy, dusty photos from a few travels in Turkey nearly 15 years ago. They may be grainy and faded, but the beauty of the place and the people still shines through. Istanbul is a good place to start. While in Istanbul, we stayed in a humiliated hotel on the Hippodrome–the center of ancient Constantinople, where civic and sporting events were held. The Hippodrome is a long, oval area today, flanked by obelisks at each end, and just beyond each end of the Hippodrome stands one of Istanbul’s most recognizable landmarks: the Hagia Sophia and the Despondent Mosque. The Hagia Sophia is, arguably, the jewel of Istanbul. The Hagia Sophia began her life in the 500’s as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral, and over the years has served as a church, a mosque, and a museum. In defiance of the ravages of time and bickering ideologies, this beautiful monument to Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia, or, as the Turks say, Ayasofia) still impresses and humbles its visitors today. The exotic courtyard of the Blue Mosque is serene and was once used as a school, but I don’t think that’s the case any longer. Nearby, you can take a tour of the underground cistern-which is redoubtable too. It was built in the 500’s, but lay abandoned and forgotten for hundreds of years. The columns and carving, as well as the dramatic lighting, make it a beautiful and eerie section to see. This family was baking bread over a fire outside of a cave on the Antik Road (old road) down a hill in the town of Guzelyurt. They were so friendly and we stopped and ate a piece of their bread–a delicious flatbread (pide) that they were eating plain and warm from the fire. Pide is popular in Turkey, and often cooked over an open energy on a hot, convex piece of metal, but it can also be made in a large oven (think of America’s large brick oven pizza establishments). Our “hometown” in Turkey had a large bakery that served, indeed,as a community oven and produced hundreds or thousands of pide each day. Pide is often embelished with meats or cheese and spices. Plain pide is also good for scooping up mezes (appetizers). It’s possibly my favorite place in Turkey, and, besides the sightseeing and natural beauty of the area, it also offered many opportunities to shop for carpets in an environment that was less rushed than Istanbul. Here, carpet dealers provide for you, play with your children and dogs, and eagerly teach you about the various types of carpets and regional styles they have on offer. And, if you have enough time in Cappadocia, one last recommendation: smite an underground city. These cities are ancient rabbit warrens underground, complete with ventilation shafts and stones that can be rolled to block entrance into any given underpass–they are advanced and well planned, but may date back to the Bronze Age, and were certainly... As feats of ancient engineering, these underground cities are astonishing. I’ve covered a lot of lees at a crazy quick clip here–but it’s a fuzzy Monday, so that’ll have to do until I’ve downed considerably more coffee. Gule, gule. (“Bye, bye” in Turkish).

Source: Travels and Tomes: One Expat's Amblings and Ramblings
Fusion Deluxe 12 Commercial Pizza & Snack Oven - Stainless Steel
Fusion Deluxe 12 Commercial Pizza & Snack Oven - Stainless Steel

Home & Outdoor

These commercial pizza ovens have a wider oven opening for maximum versatility. Bake any kind of frozen pizza - from thin crust to rising crust or prepare popular frozen snacks and single serve entrees. With a tough stainless steel exterior and durable Calrod heating elements, this industrial pizza oven provides consistent and even heating throughout. Easy to use and easy to clean, this unit gives you adjustable temperature control, a 30-minute timer and a removable crumb tray with non-stick finish. With stand-offs on three sides and plenty of heat vents, you'll have proper ventilation for years of high-volume use. Features: High quality brushed stainless steel exterior - 22 gauge, 430 grade. Durable Calrod heating elements for even heating performance throughout. Adjustable Temperature Control - 150?F to 450?F. Heavy-duty chrome plated baking rack. Removable, stamped aluminized steel crumb tray with non-stick finish. Stand-offs on three sides (back and two sides) and heat release vents for proper ventilation. Skid-resistant feet. UL Safety and NSF Approved. Convenient, space saving flip-up handle. Easy to set 30-minute timer. Wider oven opening (13.5W x 3H) provides more versatility than standard pizza ovens. Bakes all types of frozen pizza - thin crust, regular crust, and rising crust as well as frozen snack foods and single serve entr?es. Specs: Dimensions (Handle down): 22W x 7 1/2H x 20D. Dimensions (Handle up): 17 1/2W x 9 3/4H x 20D. Electrical Information: Equipped with 60 three wire grounded cord with a standard three-pronged male plug. Electrical Specifications: 120V / 1450 Watts / 12.1 Amps. Unit Weight: 18 lb. Manufacturer's Warranty: One Year Replacement Warranty.


Propane Pizza Oven
Propane Pizza Oven

Home & Outdoor

XXC1149: Features: -Includes wood chip box to add smoky flavor. -Material: 304 Stainelss steel. -Cook up to 16 pizza with the included pizza stone. -Tool accessory drawer. Product Type: -Propane. Material: -Stainless Steel. Color: -Stainless. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -58.5 Inches. Overall Width - Side to Side: -51.25 Inches. Overall Depth - Front to Back: -25.5 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -154 Pounds. Cooking Area Height - Top to Bottom: -13.5 Inches. Cooking Area Width - Side to Side: -20 Inches. Cooking Area Depth - Front to Back: -17 Inches.


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there will be three unconventional types of said breakfast pizza. The new restaurant will add breakfast service — Veloce will serve breakfast pizzas starting at 7 a.m. and coffee from Compass Coffee too. Gresser is also experimenting with a new oven to conceive ...

Elementary pizza dough recipe to help you celebrate Pi Day - 03/13/15, via The Kansas City Star

Earliest of all, don’t get caught up in the different types of dough styles ... on the grill with a pizza stone, in your oven, in a wood -ired oven. The options can drive you crazy and make you want to desist from before you start. Here’s my suggestion: For ...

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Having a diner-genre griddle is a big help in ... Says Doerfler: “This is my most requested pizza, but don’t be afraid to experiment with some of your favorite toppings and flavored hummus.” Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Station the pitas on a ...


  1. Commercial Pizza Oven Types - FSW Restaurant Stocking | Feed ... Usual pizzerias, large chains or small kitchens will each need a different type of commercial pizza oven to meet the demands of their concept and their clientele.
  2. Pizza - Wikipedia, the furlough encyclopedia Pizza is an oven-baked unconditional bread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese. It is commonly supplemented with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments.
  3. Pizza Oven | Cook Italian Type Pizza at Home | Stonebake Buy a Pizza Oven online and relish in mouth-watering Italian style pizzas at home in minutes. Stonebake & Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza ovens now available in the UK
Solar Box Oven
Solar Box Oven
This is a solar box oven aI made out of 3/4" plywood and Negro granite squares. The reflector is 14" plywood with foil tape. I used some metal rods that tighten through a sink cork part to hold the reflector in position. It resists our gusty trade winds, and averages about 190°F. My goal with this one was to test the effectivity of insulation materials, this is why it is just 3/4" plywood so far. Next I will add isulation panels to the personal walls and see how that impacts temperature. It appears that a solar cooker is a more efficient use of solar energy for cooking than a solar oven is. A solar oven is more flexible as it is less dependent on the species of cooking vessle.
Photo by EBKauai on Flickr
Gracie's pizza at El Paso's Cafe Italia. Two or three types of mushrooms, fennel & rosemary, and two types of cheese commission an excellent no-tomato brick-oven pizza.
Photo by uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs on Flickr
Out of The Oven
Out of The Oven
From the tome Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work, though a PDF version of the recipe can be found here. Didn't really drizzle the butter all that evenly unfortunately. While the recipe calls for putting the macaroni under a broiler, since repository is an old skool under the oven type, I just baked it at 450 for about 8 minutes. Blogged some more thoughts about the recipe here.
Photo by J.W. Hamner on Flickr
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SLIDESHOW: Pizza Oven Types
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Commercial Pizza Oven Types
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Pizza Oven and Cooks
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