Portable Pizza Oven Catering

Blackstone 36 inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooking Gas Grill Griddle Station

by North Atlantic Imports LLC
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  • TRANSPORT WITH EASE - easily wheel around your yard or transport from your backyard to the campsite thanks to the removable griddle top, fold up legs and four industrial strength caster wheels.
  • RESTAURANT STYLE COOKING - **replace your grill or BBQ with a Blackstone griddle and never look back** - 36" x 20" means 720sq inches of flat top grilling. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner - cook everything from eggs and pancakes to quesadillas and grilled cheese to steak and potatoes including Teppanyaki style foods and more. Also enjoy a bottom shelf and two side shelves for food storage and prep.
  • ELECTRONIC IGNITION - Simple and easy to assemble, you'll be cooking in no time. Eliminate the hassle of kerosene, charcoal and matches, this grill includes an easy start, battery powered push button ignition. With the simple push of a button your griddle is ready to go, take the headache away from outdoor cooking and spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

Product description

As outdoor enthusiasts and founders of BLACKSTONE we dreamed of a quality outdoor griddle and/or grill that could cook for large groups and families. In 2005 we made our vision a reality by creating BLACKSTONE PRODUCTS. We then launched the 36” BLACKSTONE griddle that is still popular for backyard cooking and which brings families and friends together for fun and food. Our spectrum of gas griddles and gas grills are popular for backyard living, a BBQ, recreational cooking or commercial grade cooking. Since then, the company has expanded dramatically and created a brand new look as well as a large new line of durable rugged innovative and portable cooking innovations including an outdoor pizza oven and the ever so easy to transport and set-up DASH – and our products will last a lifetime. By using the latest technologies available and complementing them with our own innovations, we feel we have the leading edge on the market in our categories. Our products are designed and engineered in the USA by people who are avid users and live to entertain outside – at home, in the tailgater parking lot or just about anywhere. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and how well they function while keeping the prices very affordable. We have assembled a strong and enthusiastic team with the utmost passion for BLACKSTONE and outdoor cooking including excellent engineers, intelligent industrial designers and uniquely creative graphic artists. We have the capability to make any adjustments to our current lines or create new units all together, tailored around your needs in a very short time in contrast to our larger entrenched old-school competitors. So look forward to future innovations from BLACKSTONE sooner than later. We are more than just another outdoor cooking appliance company that only focuses on the numbers and overlooks the end users by neglecting quality or deferring to accountants. We are here to stay and hope you enjoy BLACKSTONE products as much as we do.

Mobile / Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven "Maximus" (black)

by My-Barbecue
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  • Includes pizza peel and terracotta cooking pan
  • 23.5"x23.5" cooking area
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction

Product description

Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven from Portugal! Stand is not included. See more models from Grills n Ovens LLC. If you are looking for an oven which is: - quick to heat up - easy to use - lightweight - fits into the back of a Mini - does not crack ....then this may just be it! Its size and weight allow it to be thrown into the trunk of your car to be taken to parties, beach, picnic, camping, etc. @ only 120 lbs the oven can be easily moved around by 2 people. The oven is 27.5"x27.5" on the outside and 23.5"x23.5" on the inside. This oven can produce 30+ 12" pizzas in 1 hour! As opposed to most wood pizza ovens this oven is not made out of masonry, it's made out of metal walls with insulation in between. The outer wall is aluminum while the inner wall is stainless steel. In between the 2 walls there is insulating ceramic blanket. This design allows for much quicker heat up times of 25-30 min. as opposed to 1-1.5 hours for masonry ovens. Of course this also means that the oven will not hold the heat for as long as brick and mortar ovens. This oven is a great solution if you want to make many pizzas quickly but if your main objective is to preserve the heat in the oven for a few days and use it to warm up food then of course this is possible only with brick / stone ovens. This oven does stay very warm (150-200F) for hours after the fire has died down but not overnight. The tiles are made from terracotta. The chimney is stainless steel and is included with the oven. The height of the oven without the chimney is 65 cm, with the chimney 98 cm, the chimney is thus 33 cm high (or just over a foot). The front of the oven (decor bricks) is made from LaFarge refractory cement. The door is 15.55" at the bottom and 9" high. Carefully packaged in cardboard crate. Included are a pizza peel, a metal divider to keep charcoal away from the food, a wire for easy fire starting! It consumes about 8 lb of wood per hour.