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Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit Forno "Volta", DIY Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit from Italy (120)

by MCZ
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  • High quality refractory
  • DIY modular no-mortar assembly
  • Ceramic fiber and mineral board insulation

Product description

Outdoor pizza oven kit "Volta". Wood fired. Please note: this listing is for the DIY pizza oven kit pictures in the first image. Other images show completed projects with this kit, this is not what we are selling. Please contact us to see assembly instructions, pictures, etc. This listing includes insulation for the oven! 1 box of mineral board for the floor and 3 ceramic fiber blankets for the dome. The oven is made entirely of ALUTEC® mixture with very high alumina content (70%). Equipped with steel door and thermometer. The oven can be used for cooking real Neapolitan pizza, meat, bread, and many other dishes. The oven reaches 1100F although in practice this T is not needed for cooking. The material is extremely crack-proof. The oven is very versatile in that it can be finished with virtually any design as some of our pictures indicate. The larger sizes of this oven are currently used in many restaurants and catering businesses where it needs to remain hot for 10+ hours a day. The Volta oven is also an excellent choice for pizza trailers, offering a reliable cooking engine for fairs, festivals, shows, outdoor events, etc. Once properly insulated the oven will have a quick heat up time: 40 min. to an hour. The chimney opening is positioned above the front arch which is pictured and supplied with the oven. When the oven door is closed the cooking area inside the oven is completely enclosed which helps retain the heat, this is traditional Italian design. This system provides excellent and uniform heating of the structure, making heat available for cooking long after the fire has been put out. This oven does not need to be covered with mortar! The components of the dome are made to interlock with one another.

Toscano Cupola Mobile Oven

by Wildwood
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  • UL listed for safety
  • Commercial Grade Oven
  • Made in America

Product description

The Milano is one of our most popular pizza ovens and is suitable for 80% of people looking for a wood-fired oven for their home. This style is the number one choice when installing on raised wood floors, or metal stud framework. Its charming and traditional arch shaped door opening enhances the Milano's visual appeal. Our pizza ovens are lightweight due to use of the most modern refractory elements available. Our hearth pieces are already inset with refractory firebricks, speeding up the installation process. These pizza ovens can be assembled in 60 minutes or less. Our unique patented parabolic dome design is superior to flat-topped, imported pizza oven or hand-built brick ovens, because it allows the flames to roll around the dome for quick heating, therefore reducing wood consumption.Advantages over the traditional brick construction: * Simple- oven kit can only be assembled one way * Fast- total of 6 pieces assemble in less than 1 hour! * Guaranteed Results- the shape of the dome is preset to Neapolitan pizza oven standards * Maintenance Free- there won't be any loose bricks to repair with our oven kits! Features: - Easy to assemble pieces - Fiber insulation blankets for improved performance - Built in hearth fire bricks - Uses 6 inch chimney pipe complete Solution (not included in kit) - dependable support team to answer assembly/construction questions Kit Includes: - 4 Dome Pieces - 2 Hearth Pieces - Tubes of Fireplace Mortar - Fiber Insulation Blanket - Steel Oven Door - Instruction manual (PDF Download)

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A Ch on the Wildwood boardwalk serves up a slice of Shore life 08/30/14, via The Star-Ledger

For a while, not being proficient to afford a room, he slept under the pizza oven at his sandwich shop, Sam's Steaks, on the Wildwood boardwalk. The shop moved to North Wildwood, pizza gradually overtook steaks in acclaim, and the humble pizzeria moved 


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Started as a weekly pop-up, P.R.E.A.M., the Wu Spice Clan-inspired pizza night from two Ned Ludd colleagues, will become a brick and mortar of its own in the former Tennessee Red's space in Southeast Portland in original 2015. By early 2015, Project

Lighting a Wood Fired Oven with Wildwood Ovens


Wildwood Ovens, Chef Michael Gerard, shows you how to gleam a fire in your wood fired pizza oven.


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A Country estate on the Wildwood boardwalk serves up a slice of Shore life - The Star-Ledger

The spiffy old man in the white cap and blue polo shirt puts down his slice of plain. pizza, one of four of five he will consume this day. "I started broke,'' Sam Spera says. "I came to this boonies (in 1951) with fifty bucks. For a while, not being able to afford a room, he slept under the pizza oven at his sandwich shop, Sam's Steaks, on the Wildwood boardwalk. The shop moved to North Wildwood, pizza piece by piece overtook steaks in popularity, and the humble pizzeria moved back into Wildwood. Where it is now a palace. Sam's Pizza Palace does not exactly live up to its name - there are no spires or sweeping staircases or opulent ballrooms, and the patrons are more apt to wear t-shirts and swimsuits than ballooning gowns. The pizzeria, at 26th Street, resembles an open-air seaside cafeteria, with tile floors, obscene-green booths and orange walls. There are photos on the wall of Sam and his late wife, Anna, at Sam's Steaks. of a bellbottomed, 70s-vintage Tony Spera, their son. of Sam and Muhammad Ali on a level surface. and a menu board, from the 1960s, advertising 15-cent slices and $1. 85 whole pies. Oh, and Sam's real name is not Sam. "When I came to this country, people always called me Sam. I didn't vacillate turn into it,'' Spera says. "Sam'' was shorter than Salvatore, and apparently easier to digest than "Sal. Sam's Steaks, and later, Sam's Pizza Palace, grew and flourished in Wildwood's wild and ill-considered years. Today, Wildwood, in all its frenetic, neon-lit magnificence, resembles a seaside Las Vegas - without the casinos, of course. Hard to believe, but It was once livelier, and stayed unsealed later. "The boardwalk would go until two or three in the morning,'' Roe Zuccarello, Spera's daughter, recalls. Near the Sam's Steaks stand was a King Kong bully, and a guy named Freddy Mahana who ran a puppet show. He'd stand in front of his booth and have the puppets do "The Twist,'' Chubby Checker's dance hit that went 60s-viral after he performed it at the Rainbow Stick in Wildwood. Freddy Mahana was a showman. once he placed a bucket of water on the boardwalk and said someone would parachute into it. It never happened, of course, but it drew a mob - and gave Freddy a chance to promote his business. "He created commotion,'' says Anthony Zuccarello, Roe's husband. ''One day he had Domino's declare a pizza here. Anthony and Roe met in Trenton, where they grew up, when they were 13 or 14. She invited him back to her parents' house for - what else. Anthony started working at Sam's when he was 16. He's still there. Roe and her sister, Rita Czczur, can be found at the kindred-owned Shore Plaza Beach Resort, above and behind the pizzeria. The hotel, with its warm, muted decor, doesn't exactly fit the Wildwood "doo-wop'' stereotype - outstanding colors, plastic palm trees and the like. "(The hotel designer) asked, 'Do you want to go doo-wop. ' '' Roe said. I wanted beiges and still. She's behind the desk year-round - "I'll answer the phone on Christmas Day'' - and can't wait until October 1, when the red lights in North Wildwood, Wildwood and Wildwood Design switch to flashing lights, a sure sign the tourists have gone home... Tony Spera, Sam's son, works there, and so does Tony's son, Dante, and daughter, Brittany. Roe and Anthony's daughter, Toni, and son, Sal, profession n at Sam's, as does Rita's son, Trevor, and daughter, Nicole. A "whole slew'' of grandchildren, according to Roe, are waiting in the wings. The hotel and pizzeria burned down in 2005. The inn didn't re-open until 2012. Sam's Pizza Palace was re-built over the winter of 2005-06 and re-opened Memorial Day weekend 2006. "There were long lines waiting to get in,'' Roe recalls. ' We not till hell freezes over had a line before. There are lines now, and they keep ahead of the volume by making plain and pepperoni pizzas slightly ahead of time. "People don't want to hang about two hours,'' Anthony explains. "They want to go back to the beach or the rides. Some customers want their slices hot, some want them merely warmed up. And some want them chilled. "There's one blood who want their pizza put in the walk-in (refrigerator),'' Roe said. The register by the boardwalk walk-up counter is manual. built in 1942, it came from a New York Urban district department store. '' Anthony says, explaining all. The best part of the register - apart from the keys marked "hosiery'' and "shoes'' - is the motion out front:.

Source: www.nj.com

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South Philadelphia or Wildwood. Fans of New York-mode pizza, you are out of luck. Tony Luke fans will find a cheesesteak that satisfies. Topped with provolone cheese, it does some time in the oven to melt the cheese that flows over the sides of the waving.

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Brilliant, airy trattoria with striking deep red walls and two orange-tiled, igloo-shaped, wood-burning pizza ovens made from volcanic rock and ... “My dad owned a hot dog defence in Wildwood; he wasn’t a pizza guy,” says Branco, 65.

Planning for Edgebrook Garden Pussyfoot Underway - 02/17/15, via DNAinfo New York

The self-guided garden pad will feature 12 to 15 gardens and natural points of interest throughout Edgebrook, Old Edgebrook, North Edgebrook and Wildwood will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 19, rain or gloss. To apply to be a part of the garden ...


  1. Wildwood Ovens – USA Made, UL Approved Wood Fired Pizza ... Wildwood Ovens designs and manufactures UL/CA listed wood fired pizza ovens, pre-model fireplaces, Brazilian BBQs (churrasqueiras), and Japanese style yakitori BBQ’s.
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  3. Lighting a Wood Fired Oven with Wildwood Ovens - YouTube Wildwood Ovens, Chef Michael Gerard, shows you how to glow a fire in your wood fired pizza oven.
NYC: New Amsterdam Sell - BR Guest - Rosemary Raisin Rye Sourdough
NYC: New Amsterdam Sell - BR Guest - Rosemary Raisin Rye Sourdough
BR Visitor prepared a Rosemary Raisin Rye Sourdough for the New Amsterdam Market Bread Pavilion 2012. BR Guest Hospitality was founded by Stephen Hanson and opened its original restaurant, Coconut Grill, in 1987. Over the years they have grown adding additional properties primarily concentrated in New York, but extending to Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale and Atlantic Diocese. BR Guest's current portfolio of restaurants includes Atlantic Grill, Bill's Bar & Burger, Blue Fin, Blue Water Grill, Dos Caminos, Ruby Foo's, Flay House and Wildwood Babeque among others. The New Amsterdam Market's 2012 season opened on April 29 with Bread Pavilion 2012, which welcomes 15 townsperson bakers who each created their own bread with a variety of local grains. Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery, and author of "My Pizza: The Easy No-Knead Way to Thrive Spectacular Pizza at Home", set up a wood-burning oven and conducted pizza-making demonstrations along with the Matt Aita, the chef at his pizza...
Photo by wallyg on Flickr
Wildwood Ovens Milano Precast Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit
Wildwood Ovens Milano Precast Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit
Wildwood Ovens – USA Made, UL Approved Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kits ...
Wildwood Ovens – USA Made, UL Approved Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kits ...

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