Wood Fire Pizza Oven Kits

Onlyfire Pizza Oven Kit for 22-1/2 Inches Kettle Grills - Includes Stone and Aluminum Peel, Thermometer

by onlyfire
Price: $199.00 Buy Now

  • Transforms 22.5" kettle grills into a pizza oven,Installation is quick and easy, no tools needed
  • Kit includes stainless sleeve, handles, thermometer, 15" round cordierite stone and aluminum pizza peel, support chips(kettl grill not included)
  • Works with charcoal or hardwood, Fire it up, there is nothing like woodfired pizza at home

Product description

The Onlyfire Oven Pizza Kit is a pizza oven conversion kit for 22.5-inch charcoal kettle grills. This product installs on top of your kettle grill transforming it into a charcoal or wood burning pizza oven.

The kit includes 22.5" stainless steel sleeve, a 15" cordierite stone and 14*16" aluminum pizza peel and a high-temp thermometer. Users can assemble and install the riser sleeve in minutes. The sleeve creates a cooking chamber that doesn't need to be opened to access the food. The temperature remains steady yielding superior pizza. You can use hardwood to achieve a great smokey flavor too.

Note: This Kit is designed for 22.5" kettle grills ONLY!

How Kettle Oven Kit Works
The stainless steel sleeve fits between the kettle grill bottom and top creating a cooking chamber. There is an opening in the front that allows access to the chamber. The heat comes up from the back of the kettle, along the rear of the cooking chamber and over the top exiting the front opening. This creates a consistent heat loss that forces heat over the top of the pizza ensuring a properly cooked top.

Why there is no door?
With Onlyfire Kettle Oven Kit, there is no reason for one. The goal is for consistent heat loss that flows over the top of the pizza as it exits the opening. The result is a steady, high cooking temperature that still gives you full access to what's cooking.

Cook More Than Just Pizza
The Onlyfire Kettle Oven Kit is not just for pizza. Using pizza pans and skillets, almost any food can be cooked. If you purchase an extra grill grate, pizza pan and skillet, they can be added to the top standoffs, creating a "double stack". This will double the cooking surface of your traditional kettle grill.

Cuore Ovens Model 1000 Gourmet Wood-Fired Oven Kit - 37.4" internal fire chamber diameter.

by Cuore Ovens Co.
Price: $999.00 Buy Now

  • Wood-fired oven kit for great gourmet cooking. No other type of oven can impart such flavor, aroma and texture to your food.
  • Cooks anything you would cook in a a regular oven, only much better!
  • Fast, easy assembly makes building the fire chamber of your gourmet oven a snap.

Product description

Ask any chef, a wood-fired oven imparts a richness of flavor, texture and aroma to food no other type of oven can. That's why wood-fired ovens provide the ultimate gourmet cooking experience, perfect for gathering your friends and family around some great food. However, they are usually extremely expensive - but not anymore. Cuore Ovens Co. is proud to introduce the Cuore 1000 Wood-Fired Oven Kit, an affordable, no-compromise product designed to bring top gourmet cooking to your home. Through a smart blend of materials and careful craftsmanship, together with tried-and-true, traditional oven design, our kit will give you, your family and your friends unending hours of sharing fun - and the best food, too! Designed to be the heart and core of your gourmet wood-fired oven, it consists of 7 refractory prefabricated parts plus the oven mouth cover and a thermal insulation blanket. With fast and easy assembly, it provides excellent performance troughout a very long service life. You can install it indoors or outdoors, depending on your home layout, and finish it in almost any imaginable way, always blending perfectly with your decor. With our comprehensive step-by-step instructions and a minimum of hands-on building experience, you can even install it yourself or hire someone to do it if you prefer.

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Mat is not maintained in good repair or according to manufacturer's recommendations or cutting parts of can openers are not kept sharp, specifically: Fire extinguishers last serviced in September 2011. CEDARS RESTAURANT . Eatables is not stored to

PreCut Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit


At the Melbourne Fire Friend Company we have developed a PreCut Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit, which comes with practically every brick cut to size, as well as fo.


The New Out of doors Kitchen

The New Out of doors Kitchen

Published by Taunton Press 2015

ISBN 1561588040,9781561588046
232 pages

Reflecting the growing craze toward outdoor living spaces, a comprehensive, richly illustrated manual takes readers through the entire process of planning, constructing, and furnishing out of doors cooking and entertaining spaces, with ten portfolio kitchens that can serve as inspiration and a helpful resource list. 25,000 first printing.

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Pacific Living Pizza Stone 8Piece High Temperature Set
Pacific Living Pizza Stone 8Piece High Temperature Set

Home & Outdoor

Pacific Living 8-Piece Premium Outdoor Pizza Stone Kit. PK8-15x14. Pizza Stones. This 15-inch by 14-inch outdoor pizza stone from Pacific Living allows you to turn your grill into a professional style pizza oven. The custom ceramic stone is designed to properly retain and disperse the heat for even and effective cooking, allowing you to bake a perfect, crispy crust pizza every time! Any extra moisture is absorbed by the stone during baking, guaranteeing a soggy-free pizza. Use the included steel smoker box to get that authentic wood-fired pizza taste. Also included in the kit is a stainless steel grill rack, wooden pizza peel, stainless steel cutter / spatula, large (mid arm) leather glove, 7-inch stainless steel wheel cutter, and stainless steel serving spatula. Cook pizza, calzones, quesadillas, flatbreads, breadsticks and more right on your outdoor grill or oven!


8 piece Premium Pizza Kit
8 piece Premium Pizza Kit

Home & Outdoor

Turn YOUR grill into a professional outdoor pizza oven! Bake a perfect, crispy crust pizza every time with our custom ceramic stone designed to properly retain and disperse the heat for even and effective cooking. The unique design of the Pacific Living Pizza Stone offers convenient handling, whether used in your oven or on your grill. Use the included smoker box (a Pacific Living Exclusive) to get that authentic wood-fired pizza taste. Includes: 15x14 pizza stone, stainless steel grill rack, foldable pizza paddle, stainless steel cutter/spatula, 9 stainless steel wheel cutter, leather glove, steel smoker box, stainless steel serving spatula


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The pizza is typically cooked at between 580 and 600 degrees. There is a leviathan slab of stone on the base where the pizza is cooked. There is a fire and a heater underneath the stone. It bakes the top, the side and underneath. The oven can go up to 900 ...


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