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Wood-fired ovens can be found around the world wherever there is access to wood, and although shape and building materials may vary the thing they have in common is how efficiently they produce and retain heat. It is easy to see why wood-fired ovens have survived, virtually unchanged, for centuries; once you've cooked in one you too will be converted to this elemental method of cooking with fire.

The wood-fired oven is capable of cooking just about anything, but the amazing thing about it is how perfectly it cooks not only stone-baked pizzas and breads, but also sizzling meat, tender seafood, slow-cooked, smokey casseroles, and even beautifully moist cakes and desserts.

This book covers every aspect of cooking in a wood-fired oven, with advice on where to site and construct your oven and instructions on how to season it, light your first fire, and control and maintain cooking heat. The recipes are all specially devised for the oven, and come with step-by-step instructions and photographs. A special chapter contains irresistible pizzas with innovative toppings such as artichoke hearts, Parma ham and basil pesto or caramelized shallot and feta. Once you have perfected your pizzas you will want to use your fired-up oven to cook amazing dishes like fish soup with aioli, jerk chicken, bistecca Fiorentina and marinated pork ribs. The chapter on breads is a revelation, and the wonderful loaves that you bake on the oven floor will convert you to home-made sourdough, ciabatta and naan breads forever. Even desserts and cakes can be successfully created in the wood-fired oven, and in the final chapter you will find tempting recipes for plum and blackberry crumble, meringues, chocolate brownies, and a rich fruit cake.

Throughout the book, authors Holly and David Jones give helpful advice and tips on how to make the most of your oven, utilizing the falling heat of an oven fired up for pizzas, for example, to slow cook a meltingly tender casserole for the next day, or even using the oven overnight to roast tomatoes for breakfast the next morning. Whether you want your oven to become a pizza party sensation, the centre of family cookout weekends or your new outdoor kitchen, this book will inspire and delight you.

Alfresco Home 82-PZ-5WT-SRSS Fornetto Wood Fired Oven and Smoker, Red

by Alfresco Home
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  • Spacious 16.5 Gallon Cooking Chamber that includes 3 ceramic fire bricks for maximum heat retention
  • Lump Charcoal or Wood Fuel Source with removable smoker box and over temperature gauge
  • Includes Side Shelf, cooking racks and a durable all weather protective cover

Product description

Alfresco Home, the Outdoor Living Made Easy company that brings you superb quality, function, design and value in all of our casual furniture and garden accents proudly rounds out our outdoor gourmet category with the drum roll worthy Fornetto. This exceptional, dual-purpose wood- oven and smoker is the flagship member of our stunning outdoor gourmet group. With its handsome, vertical design and stylish exterior, the Fornetto immediately draws a crowd. And when this beauty is fired up and delivering mouth watering meats, poultry, fish and vegetables as well as authentic baked pizzas, breads and desserts, the heated excitement gets pretty intense! Fornetto ovens boast a robust 16.15 gallon capacity with a chamber design that allows for pure convection oven cooking or flawless smoking. They are able to heat up to 662 Degree/ 350 Degree. Their practical exterior thermometer allows for monitoring of oven temperature while the cool touch phenolic controls facilitate fine heat adjustment by regulating the air delivery to the combustion chamber. Engineered for heat to release from all surfaces simultaneously and indirectly, Fornetto ovens ensure a kinder cooking process and full favor retention. Three fire bricks and a full pizza stone sit within the oven, and an adjustable shelf system provides edibility and multi-layer cooking. A removable smoker box with unique slider adjustment controls gives delicious and natural smoked favors. The Fornetto also includes a bottom storage rack, mobility wheels, condiment rack, lift up side table, and all weather protective cover on its long list of handsome and handy features.

Wood Fired / Brick Oven Pizza Construction - Set up Your Own!


How to Figure a Brick Pizza Oven - Bread.

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Pizza Margherita at Una Pizza
Pizza Margherita at Una Pizza
The first-rate pizza I've ever had. Made with love, "and anger", by Anthony Mangieri. Wood-fired brick oven (from Naples), with technique/recipes largely in compliance with the rules set out by Vera Pizza Napoletana. Una Pizza Napoletana 349 EAST 12TH In someone's bailiwick, 10003 NEW YORK, NEW YORK (212) 477 9950
Photo by livatlantis on Flickr
after: Object Pizza Margherita
after: Object Pizza Margherita
I have to take, it doesn't look all that great, especially illuminated with the harsh kitchen light, but boy did it taste good! Yellow stains on the crust are from the olive oil. Unlike a true Neapolitan pizza, this was cooked in a gas oven at 450 degrees for about 12-13 minutes. In Italy, these are cooked in a brick, wood fired oven at 800 to 1,000 degrees F for about 90 seconds. And they use much cured ingredients....
Photo by contemplative imaging on Flickr
Photo by david owen on Flickr
... virtually sizeable pizza area. You can see how they stack tightly
... virtually sizeable pizza area. You can see how they stack tightly
Riley Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven and Fireplace Combo from a DIY ...
Riley Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven and Fireplace Combo from a DIY ...
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