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Wood Fired Oven Pizza Party 70x70 "Bronze" save 500$ (All taxes included)

by Pizza Party pizzapartyshop.com
Price: $999.60 Buy Now

  • In 1998 we designed the first truly wood-fired oven mobile in the world and within the reach of all: Pizza Party 70×70
  • only 110lb, ready to use at your home, HOME DELIVERY by FEDEX AND ALL TAXES INCLUDED
  • wood oven mobile Certified for food use

Product description

Discover more info with your web site wood-fired-pizza-oven.us Indoor and outdoor wood fired pizza oven with high strength refractory bricks hob (floor). Thanks to the special ecological insulation, to the special coating and to the to exhaust internal geometries, we developed a wood fired pizza oven that is both easy to use and highly functional at the same time. The high efficiency has allowed a reduction of the size, making it compact and convenient maintaining all the qualities of a bigger and bulkier masonry wood fired oven. Easy to carry, thanks to it's 50 kg (110 lb.) weight, it can be used indoors in winter and outdoors in the summer. Excellent for pizzas, roast meats and desserts, it only takes 2.5 kilograms of fuel for every hour of use (5.5 Pounds per hour). Save money by producer direct sales, and recived you pizza oven directly at home and ready to use

Festnight Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood-Fired with 2 Fireclay Stones

by Festnight
Price: $295.99 Buy Now

  • The two shelves provided underneath the oven are practical to stow kindle, firewood or oven gloves. This oven also comes with a built-in thermometer.
  • The fire tray is removable, allowing for quick and easy cleaning.The top compartment is used for baking and its base is made of two refractory ('fireclay') bricks, which distribute the heat evenly within the oven and can withstand temperatures of up to 1,300 °C.
  • The bricks also ensure that your food will not be soiled by flying ash or dust from the fire.

Product description

Color: Black
Material: Steel sheet
Oven dimensions: 22.8" x 24" x 80.7" (W x D x H)
Baking compartment dimensions: 15.6" x 16.7" x 8.7" (W x D x H)
With built-in thermometer
Baking base: 2 x fireclay bricks
Removable fire/ash tray
With removable fire tray

Make delicious wood-fired pizzas or bread with this standalone outdoors wood-burning oven!

Wood Fired / Brick Oven Pizza Construction - Set up Your Own!


How to Figure a Brick Pizza Oven - Bread.

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Alfa Forno Ciao - Red Outdoor Pizza Oven
Alfa Forno Ciao - Red Outdoor Pizza Oven

Home & Outdoor

Color: Red Forno Ciao Outdoor Pizza Oven The Forno Ciao is an authentic Italian wood fired oven that delivers the performance found in fine Italian restaurants in a design you can take anywhere. Provides authentic wood fired cooking for every backyard Ready to use: No curing required Fully insulated dome and hearth: Superior cooking performance and heat retention Cool to the touch outer surface Italian fire brick hearth door Powder coated painted dome Built-in thermometer Can be used with or without the cart Cooking surface: 27.5-in x 15.75-in


Ultra40 Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cart - Red
Ultra40 Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cart - Red

Home & Outdoor

The Bella Ultra40 portable wood fired pizza oven is a 40" stainless steel pizza oven manufactured in the United States by Forno Bravo in Colorado Springs, CO. This fully assembled outdoor pizza ovens are lightweight, portable and can be set up in less than an hour. Bella ovens are available as portable pizza oven carts, can be installed on a countertop or used in mobile pizza oven trailers making it ideal for any outdoor kitchen. More affordable and flexible than traditional refractory or brick ovens, these lightweight portable wood fired pizza ovens are easily installed, no curing required and can be taken on a family vacation. These wonderful pizza ovens heat up remarkably quick (15-30 minutes) and use less wood on average than a traditional brick oven. Includes: Stainless steel pizza oven dome core with powder coated wrap, Stainless steel cart with hardware to assemble, Stainless steel stove pipe with flue, Stainless steel door, Thermometer, High grade ceramic cooking floor and Starter tool kit with gloves, stainless steel pizza peel and wooden pizza peel.


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The hottest trends in open-air entertaining - 03/17/15, via Consumer Reports

On array were high-end grills, wood-fired pizza ovens, and upscale fire pits ... oven weighs 238 pounds and the extra-large weighs 305. Called a countertop oven, the Chicago Brick Oven 750 Mixture Oven includes a two-burner gas system, with an infrared ...

Airway Lanes Taproom has surprising tally of options with lunchtime pizza and salad bar buffet - 03/16/15, via MLive

The pizza isn't want. This is a bowling alley after all and not shooting for the wood-fired oven crowd. And, if you're headed there, don't forget that it is indeed a bowling alley. That means lunch will be accompanied by the sounds of pins crashing and ...

Unrestrained Pepe Pizzeria’s First Boston Location Will Be in Chestnut Hill - 03/15/15, via Boston

How about the most superbly pizza in the United States? Vague reports of a move to the Boston area returned in February, but without a set location. With a spot confirmed, Pepe’s move to Boston is now set in brick oven-fired pizza stone. The real Frank Pepe ...


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Pizza Margherita at Una Pizza
Pizza Margherita at Una Pizza
The first-rate pizza I've ever had. Made with love, "and anger", by Anthony Mangieri. Wood-fired brick oven (from Naples), with technique/recipes largely in compliance with the rules set out by Vera Pizza Napoletana. Una Pizza Napoletana 349 EAST 12TH In someone's bailiwick, 10003 NEW YORK, NEW YORK (212) 477 9950
Photo by livatlantis on Flickr
after: Object Pizza Margherita
after: Object Pizza Margherita
I have to take, it doesn't look all that great, especially illuminated with the harsh kitchen light, but boy did it taste good! Yellow stains on the crust are from the olive oil. Unlike a true Neapolitan pizza, this was cooked in a gas oven at 450 degrees for about 12-13 minutes. In Italy, these are cooked in a brick, wood fired oven at 800 to 1,000 degrees F for about 90 seconds. And they use much cured ingredients....
Photo by contemplative imaging on Flickr
Photo by david owen on Flickr
... virtually sizeable pizza area. You can see how they stack tightly
... virtually sizeable pizza area. You can see how they stack tightly
Riley Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven and Fireplace Combo from a DIY ...
Riley Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven and Fireplace Combo from a DIY ...
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