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Deluxe cake decorating kit - professional quality Russian piping tips, icing bags and other cake decorating supplies (47 pieces) + instructions and tips for best cupcake decorations - complete set!

by Tablier
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  • 🏆 PROFESSIONAL QUALITY AND EASE OF USE: Our dishwasher safe food-grade stainless steel tips have laser engraved numbers and come with a full-color chart which makes it easy to match each nozzle to the unique edible flower, leaf or grass pattern it creates.
  • 📕 FREE BONUS E-BOOK: Our downloadable instruction guide with ideas, techniques, directions and buttercream frosting recipes is included with purchase - and that is in addition to 10 disposable plastic pastry bags, one large silicone reusable piping bag, tri-color, single color and leaf couplers and a cleaning brush!
  • 🎁 STURDY EYE-CATCHING BOX makes this cake decorating kit an ultimate gift for both a master cake decorator and an aspiring newbie baker! Whatever the occasion - wedding, birthday party, baby shower or simply family baking night with kids these BPA-free smooth and seamless piping bag nozzles are guaranteed to last and produce awe-inspiring instant cake designs worthy of a prime artisan bakery!

Product description


Carefully selected to include only the most useful tips and bring you the best value for your money, this professional cake decorating set will bring joy to many aspiring new and seasoned professional decorators alike!
Now you are able to create the coolest eye-catching floral designs in minutes using buttercream - a task previously only achievable by professional decorators with hours of practice, a multitude of tools and a great deal of patience!

  • 20 individually numbered "Russian" cake decorating nozzles to produce various designs - roses, tulips, poppies, violets, daisies and even snowflakes and stars!
  • 2 leaf tips to produce 2 sizes of realistic leaves
  • 1 single-color coupler, 1 tri-color coupler, and 1 leaf coupler to enable tip switching on the fly
  • 20 disposable plastic piping bags
  • 1 reusable large silicone piping bag
  • 1 double-sided cleaning brush
  • Design chart to match each numbered tip to the decoration it produces
  • (Free Download Bonus!) Full-color digital-edition eBook with recipes, tips, ideas and techniques

  • Easy to use and easy to clean - included couplers make changing tips a breeze and the cleaning brush comes very handy in cleaning all nooks and crannies
  • Durable and dishwasher-safe tips, backed by full manufacturer's warranty, are guaranteed to last for many years to come
  • Made from seamless and smooth food grade stainless steel, these tips are BPA-free
  • Extra piping bags are included in the set - but any other icing bag (plastic, cotton or silicone) would be compatible with these nozzles and couplers
  • Compact and easy to store (decorating tips can be nested to save space)

Russian Piping Tips 14 PCS Set - Icing Piping Nozzles Tips Kit (10 Russian Ball Tips X 1 Reusable Silicone Pastry Bag X 2 Tri-Color Coupler X 1 Storage Box), Cupcake Decorating Gift

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  • ✔ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Made of high quality FDA standard 304 stainless steel, one kind of food grade material which can resist high temperature and corrosion. Created using a seamless welding process, which are very easy to use and keep clean. This is a reusable product set which it is worthwhile for you to have it.
  • ✔ LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We provide lifetime satisfaction guarantee to each tip. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase here.
  • ✔ GREAT SIZE - Tips(1.18 inches Bottom Dia, 2.4 inches Height, 0.8 inches Upper Ball Dia). Pastry Bag(14 inches length). Coupler(1.77 inches Bottom Dia, 2.2 inches Height). Storage Box(5.9 inches length, 3.9 inches width, 2.75 inches height).

Product description


It takes only one step to make a beautiful flower.
Proper size to handle and clean. These tips look shiny and beautiful in your kitchen. They are decent tools during your baking time.

Package includes:

10 X Russian Tips (Diffrent Style)
2 X Tri-color coupler
1 X Reusable Silicone Pastry Bag
1 X Plastic Storage Box
1 X Instructions

Total Package Weight: 10.4 Ounces
Packaging Dimensions: 5.9 inches length, 3.9 inches width, 3.1 inches height

How to use Russian ball piping tips?

• Wash the nozzles in hot water.
• Prepare the piping bag cutting so that 1-2 mm of nozzle can pop out of piping bag.
• Insert the nozzle in the bag.
• Put the buttercream in a bag. Buttercream must be firm,room temperature, not too soft.
• Place the nozzle to the cupcake/cake base, while squeezing gently, life nozzle.
• Clean the end of the nozzle.
• Use a leaf nozzle to fill in gaps--this will complement the overall effect.
• If the buttercream is too soft the buds will be closed. Pop in the fridge,if necessary.
• After use, wash in hot soap water and dry.

Then enjoy your baking time.

Ateco Cake Decorating 14 PIECE CAKE DECORATING SET Cupcakes Treats
Ateco Cake Decorating 14 PIECE CAKE DECORATING SET Cupcakes Treats

Everything Else

This 14-Piece Cake Decorating Set contains a 12-inch flex bag with hem and hanging loop, 12 of Ateco's most popular stainless steel decorating tubes (2, 4, 12, 16, 30, 32, 48, 80, 98, 104, 133 & 352), a plastic coupler (pre-attached to bag), instructions and recipes, packaged in a clear plastic storage box. Made in Korea. By Ateco. Since 1905, Ateco has supplied fine restaurants and bakeries with quality built, specialty baking tools. Ateco products are internationally renowned for their high quality. When you use Ateco products, you're not only enjoying quality craftsmanship, you're also enjoying quality design; the products are a result of over one hundred years and four generations of innovation and development.


Norpro 3562 8 Piece Decorating Set
Norpro 3562 8 Piece Decorating Set

Home & Outdoor

YEB1080: Features: -8 Piece set-Great for beginners or experienced decorators-Create beautiful cakes, pastries and more-Hand wash all decorating pieces. Includes: -Includes 6 tips, 1 pastry bag and 1 reusable coupling-Includes recipes and instructions. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 8.3" H x 6" W x 1" D.