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Mini 3D Glasses BOX VR BOX Virtual Reality Headset with Headphones and Remote Combined with Visual and Auditory Adjustable Focal Distance for 4.7-6.2 Inches Smartphones of Android / IOS

by AugustDirect
Price: $26.99 Buy Now

  • This VR BOX which combined with visual and auditory being full of immersive, can simulate private cinema.You can watch IMAX 3D/panoramic moives at home,simulating experiences of roller coaster, big swing clock ect.35mm ultra-short focal distance brings 120 °wide vision, being closer to real perspective of human eyes.Combined with subwoofer surround by the soundproof headphones,you can forget the real environment and be in the new world.
  • This Virtual Reality headphones supportiong most smartphones of Android / IOS which screen size is about 4.7 ~ 6.2 inch.And adjustable headband and retractable headphones make VR BOX suit for different peole.
  • There are 1 VR BOX(not including the cell phone),1 remote and 1 manual in the package .Warranty is 1 year.You can send us an email if you have any questions,and we have a dedicated technical team and customer service will reply to you by mail within 24 hours.

Product description

About else product features:

1.Cooling warehouse of mobile phone: there are about 6 ventilation holes to ensure that hot air of the cabin quickly spread out from the top .

2.Heat dissipation of place where touch our face: in the case of ensuring that the case does not leak,the usage of upper and lower vents strengthen the air convection, preventing the backlog of heat, the lens fog and face discomfort .

3.Protection of mobile phone : automatically open the door by a button, 35 °semi-open door prevents accidental fall of the phone.

Special reminder: 1.do not enjoy the movie when the phone charge. 2.pay attention to protect the eyes, not too long to use VR BOX.

About product parameters:

1.The size of case: 215mm * 195mm * 120mm

2.Bare metal weight: 410g

3.FOV: max 120 degrees (related to the actual size of the phone and the headband tightness)


   Myopia: 0-800 degrees

   Hyperopia:0-400 degrees

5.Support mobile phone specifications:

   Screen size: 4.7-6.2 inch

   system: iOS,Android

6.Phone specifications:  1080p-2k resolution and 3.5mm headphone jacks

About packaging:

1 VR BOX (Note: not including mobile phone) +1 remote +1 manual

About Warranty:

1 year

About seller commitment:

If you have any questions, you can send us an email, we have a dedicated technical team, and the customer service will reply you via email within one business day.

Sony BDVE280 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

by Sony
Price: $369.99 Buy Now

  • Includes iPod /iPhone dock (video, music and photos)
  • 2x HDMI inputs with 3D pass-through support
  • Blu-ray 3D playback capability

Product description

Experience Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc movies1 even in 3D2 faster than ever plus get powerful 5.1 channel HD surround sound with the integrated Sony BDV-E280 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System. Stream a great selection of movies, TV episodes, music and live sports events from Netflix, YouTube, HuluPlus, Pandora, and more.3 Use the included iPod /iPhone dock5 to access your favorite music, videos and photos or connect additional devices using the two HDMI inputs4 to access even more great entertainment.

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D-VHS Player D-Theater Demonstration


Hi guys This Is My latest VCR its A JVC HM-DH4000U And it is a Hi definition VHS Player And recorder. In this video i demonstrate the player in operation and.

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YouTube celebrates the VCR’s 57th birthday with VHS Easter egg - 04/16/13, via Digital Trends

and the static jitters around on the screen mimicking the static that you’d see in a real VHS. If you pause the video, the effect is even more prominent. To save you the trouble of digging through YouTube’s endless pool of videos to find the one that ...


  1. D-VHS Player D-Theater Demonstration Hi guys This Is My latest VCR its A JVC HM-DH4000U And it is a Hi definition VHS Player And recorder. In this video i demonstrate the player in operation ...
  2. JVC HM-DH30000 D-VHS VCR PLAYER JVC HM-DH30000 D-VHS VCR PLAYER ... Standard YouTube License; Show more Show less. ... D-VHS Player D-Theater Demonstration - Duration: ...
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That Was the Year That Was - 1975
That Was the Year That Was - 1975
1975 UK murders and IRA dominated the headlines 1975 In the UK inflation continues to spiral out of control reaching 24.2% the price of Petrol increased by nearly 70% in one year, but the US sees a start back down with US inflation going down to 9.2%, both governments use interest rates as a way of trying to control inflation with the US Federal Reserve at 7.25% and The Bank of England at 11.25%. Meanwhile one of the true success stories of modern times when Bill Gates and Paul Allen create the company Microsoft. The First of the new hobby computers are starting to appear including Altair 8800 and the battle for Video recorder standards of VHS and Betamax starts. This is also the year the Vietnam war finally ends. In January 1975 Margaret Thatcher challenged Heath for the leadership of the Conservative Party. On 4th February Thatcher defeated Heath by 130 votes to 119 and became the first woman leader of a major political party. Heath took the defeat badly and refused to serve in...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
DVHS on a Budget
DVHS on a Budget
Disney VHS Collection update 2 by lyndzeepie
Disney VHS Collection update 2 by lyndzeepie
YouTube honors birthday of video recorder with VHS-style videos
YouTube honors birthday of video recorder with VHS-style videos
Image by news.cnet.com
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