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Embroidery Machine Essentials: How to Stabilize, Hoop and Stitch Decorative Designs

by Krause Publications
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Product description

Taking the guesswork out of using a home embroidery machine, this book covers the entire embroidery process from choosing designs, threads, stabilizers and needles to hooping, design placement and stitching techniques. A free CD-ROM is contained featuring six designs.

Product description

Book Description

You're About to Learn an Amazing Skill that is Inspiring, Motivating and One That Will Keep You Occupied Both Physically and Mentally

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The Ultimate Hand Embroidery Basics Guide for Beginners

Hobbies are always a good way to spend quality time on those days or hours when you do not have much to do. One way to make it worthwhile is to get involved with something that will give you results to show for it, and hand embroidery is one such thing. It is a skill that anyone can master in order to produce designs and patterns that they can always use or show off to friends and family for appreciation of art.

The key to becoming a success in hand embroidery lies in mastering the basics and practicing a lot.

Why You need this book?

  • To Know Where and How to Get Started
  • To Know What is Needed
  • To Understand the Benefits of Embroidery Skills
  • To Inspire Your Creativity
  • To Always Spend Free Time Wisely
  • To Become More Keen To Details
  • To Find Out How Much you Can Do In Life
To Do Something More In LifeHere Is a Preview of What You'll Learn...Hand Embroidery Basics What is NeededGetting StartedStitchesSimple But Significant TechniquesWhy Learn Hand EmbroideryTips For Successful Hand EmbroideryMistakes To AvoidBecoming Better in the ArtMuch Much More! Download your copy today! Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only$2.99! Master the best art skill for amazing projects!!