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Self Healing Cutting Mat Double Sided with Grids and Angles. A Must Have Premium Quality Self-Healing Mats Board for Sewing Quilting Hobby Arts Embroidery Paper Crafts Wood Crafts Fabric ScrapBooking. Best with Rotary Cutter Hobby Knives Rulers Work

by Paragon Crafts(TM)
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Product description


Quilting cutting mat, sewing cutting mat, crafting cutting mat or any number of other names: whatever you call it and whatever crafting use you put it to, this self-healing cutting mat is the workhorse you need to get your projects done.

Featuring a highly unique self-healing material that automatically reseals itself after cutting, this amazing cutting mat from Paragon Crafts won't wear out on you after just a few uses.

How often do you get to purchase a product that actually repairs itself for guaranteed longevity and protects your work surface and cutting instruments?

Make your craft budget go further by obtaining the quality tools you need to last for years. Paragon Crafts Self-healing cutting mat comes in various measurements and features a printed grid scale that is accurate, along with indicators for common angles.

At only 3mm in thickness, this cutting mat won't take up unnecessary space in your work area. It is hard enough to withstand heavy use yet flexible enough to conform to your needs.

Some of the numerous uses of our cutting mat are :


School projects




Kids' crafts

and so much more!

No other Cutting mat on Amazon can match the superior quality as ours, which is why we back your purchase up with an unconditional LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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Borders Made Easy Pattern 105

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  • All border patterns have 4 corners included in the core, or corner patterns are printed on the border strip
  • To calculate how many rolls you will need of Borders Made Easy pattern, add length plus width in inches of your quilt top, multiply by 2, then divide by 12 to get how many feet you will need. Each roll is 26 feet long.
  • Thread baste quilt layers then position the pattern on your quilt using the adhesive strips on the back, stitch through the paper following the design lines then tear the paper away.

Product description

Now, machine quilting is easy. Beginning and experienced quilters can get perfect results every time using these tear away patterns. Each continuous border design adjusts easily to fit the length and width of your borders.