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Capture that keepsake item with this beautifully embroidered quilt label.

Handmade quilts are often passed down from generation to generation. Your work of art deserves to be recognized, labeled and remembered.

With over 100 thread colors in my collection, I can create your personalized custom label. I set high standards and take great pride in my work, if I wouldn't use it for my own quilts, I won't sell it to you. All of my fabric is pre-washed and made from quality cotton. My available fabric comes in cream, white or black.

1 Custom embroidered quilt label with unfinished or finished edge
Customized with selected fabric of your choice
Personalized with name/text of your choice
Customized with outer stitch pattern of your choice
Customized with font color of your choice

Fabric is made of a high quality cotton blend
Pre Washed to prevent shrinkage
Includes up to 4 lines of text of your choice
Quilt Label dimensions: 4 x 5.5 inches
Label has an unfinished edge with at least a 2" seam allowance around the entire label so that you can easily incorporate this into your own quilt or you can choose to have a finished edge for a small fee.
Font type is the font featured in the main photo. For additional font choices, please see my other quilt label listings.
If you prefer a label of a different shape or size please see my additional listings.

Durable Polyester Quilt Batting – Fluffy and Warm – Thick and Lightweight - 60 inches Wide - Machine Washable - For Indoor and Outdoor Use - Large Variety of Yard Cut Sizes (1 yard)

by Bonnybundle
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  • ★ THICK AND LIGHT QUILTING BATTING - Among all materials used in ordinary quilt battings out there, this Batting Quilt is a true stand out. Made with needle punched 100% recycled polyester material known for its ultra comfortable feel, Perfect for a wide variety of quilting applications, from baby quilts to full size beddings, it is guaranteed thick yet light and warm. Plus, it is non-breathable, resisting mold and mildew.
  • ★ LIGHT AS A FEATHER - MAKE IT AS THIN AS YOU WANT - This unique batting material can easily be thinned to provide the perfect amount of warmth by simply adding more stitching to your quilts. Even without thinning, this batting is super light, so you can enjoy maximum levels of comfort without the weight issue that typically comes with non-polyester batting materials. Loft is approximately between 1"-2" in its original state. After removing from packaging let stand a few hrs b4 use
  • ★ EASY TO CARE - MACHINE WASHABLE - The material used in the Bonnybundle quilt batting is rare polyester, which is known for its non-shrinkage property when washed. So, after every wash, it returns to its original shape! No matter how many times you wash it, you still get to enjoy using the quilt batting you once had when you first bought it.

Product description

Quilters: When life throws you scraps make a quilt!
Quilting is a craft that has been around since ancient times and has begun sometime in the 18th century.
Quilting is a fun hobby that can make you feel very satisfied with your efforts.
This wonderful hobby does not call for any profession criteria and can be taken up by anyone at any age.
People who enjoy embroidering and needlework also enjoy quilting.Stay Warm and Cozy!
This quilt batting is very different from other types of batting out there.
Sold in a variety of sizes, quilters should be able to find the perfect loft in polyester for their projects, whether it's for a comforter or an ordinary tablecloth.
And considering its thickness, air exchange won't happen. Rather, it holds heat for a more comfortable output.Made of High Quality Polyester Materials!
Polyester is a man-made material that does not virtually shrink.
It is a material that can be turned into stunning designs for a blank canvas or wall.
it is considered the best choice for any special quilting techniques, such as trapunto.Give a Personal Warm Touch - Perfect for Every Quilting Project!
Of course, nothing beats a project that is made with love and compassion. And what better way to show that than to use this Quilt Batting.
Aside from providing enough warmth and comfort, this amazing material has a lot to offer, allowing you to put a personal touch on typical hand-stitched items and products.Product Features:
✦ Made of Rare Polyester
✦ Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor
✦ Machine Washable After Quilting
✦ Warm & Fluffy
✦ Thick & Lightweight
✦ Can Be Thinned Out as Needed
✦ Cut Yardage Is Available from 1 yard (36 x 60") up to 30 yards (1080 x 60")Give your quilting and sewing projects a warm layer of insulation with Bonnybundle's high-quality Quilt Batting!
Place your orders today and receive them quickly, right at your doorsteps!

Euro-Notions 73078 Quilt Machine Needles-Size 11-75 5-Pkg
Euro-Notions 73078 Quilt Machine Needles-Size 11-75 5-Pkg

Toys, Toddlers & Baby

SCHMETZ-Quilting Machine Needles. Schmetz quality sewing machine needles have been manufactured to exacting standards since 1851. The choice of discriminating sewers world wide; only Schmetz provides the uncompromising; consistent quality that produces the perfect stitch every time. These needles were made especially for piecing and machine quilting. The special tapered design allows easier fabric penetration and helps eliminate skipped stitches. and can be used with all brands and most models of sewing machines. This package contains five 75/11 needles. Imported. Dimensions: Height: 3.7 Width: 2.7 Depth: 0.2


C & T Publishing STA-59011 Stash Books-Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern
C & T Publishing STA-59011 Stash Books-Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern

Toys, Toddlers & Baby

Quilt As You Go Made Modern. Do you believe rules were meant to be broken? If so, this improvisational, quilt-as-you-go technique is for you. Instead of dealing with precise paper patterns and cutting measurements, you will learn how to piece fabric into small, manageable batting blocks. Let your creative juices flow as you quilt directly on the blocks (not the entire quilt!), whether in large abstract zigzags or small structured stitches. Features After the blocks have been joined, all you need to do is add backing fabric and binding This book contains twelve projects Author - Jera Brandvig Soft cover 112 pages Published Year: 2014. About the AuthorJera Brandvig approaches quilting as a creative art form and loves to bend the rules. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband, son and two "furry" children.