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Martial Arts bag with Mesh Top/ Poket, Boxing MMA Deluxe Equipment Bag, Black or Blue 13"x27"x14"

by Moonstar Martial Arts
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  • New Martial Arts bag with double zippered cover
  • Martial arts way in chinese printed on one side
  • Additional mesh fabric on top can help ventilate entire interior

Product description

Size: 13" X 27" X 14" New martial arts bag with double zippered cover. Additional mesh fabric on top can help ventilate entire interior. This sports bag is durable and has roomy interior/exterior which is perfect for carrying all sparring gear needs. Features padded shoulder strap and several zippered pockets on the exterior which can be used to hold different items. Large zippered area in front is cleverly made to hold a chest/guard. Two smaller pockets on one end with mesh fabric can be used to hold shoes or wet items for ventilation. Other exterior zippered pockets are available and can be used to hold smaller items and large items. Martial Arts in Chinese printed on one side.

Lo-bloo Thai Cup 2.0 Groin Guard Protection Mixed Martial Arts

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  • SPAR IN SAFETY: Patented after the more bulky Thai steel cup, The Lo Bloo been tested to resist up to 4 tons of pressure and is much more flexible and more ergonomic than its steel counterpart. It will sit in place, barely noticeable (thanks to its soft lining), while giving your 100% protection from low blows!
  • NO NEED TO CONSTANTLY READJUST: There's nothing worse than trying to spar and having a cup move, slide around or worse - come loose. With the Lo Bloo, you can easily lace up the waist and leg straps to fit you perfectly, keeping the cup perfectly snug and in place - no shifting and no digging into your thigh
  • BETTER HYGIENE: Protection is important, but so is good hygiene too! That's why our groin guards are extra easy to clean after each use and come with extra optimally-placed ventilation holes to keep up circulation during the most intense sparring or training sessions.

Product description

Designed by Swedish Top Athletes The Lo Bloo 2.0 was designed and invented by Swedish Top Athletes - and you can be sure and they've battled tested their creation in combat, time and again. The cup is tough enough to withstand tons of pressure and the most lethal of groin shots, all while giving you the best design and function. Adios traditional steel Thai cup! Traditional steel Thai cups are great, but they are also wide, bulky and can impede your range of motion. The Lo Bloo is flexible, more ergonomic than a steel cup and is a MUCH nicer fit. You can easily slide it on and adjust it to the perfect position. It's lighter, narrower and won't dig or run into your thighs when kicking, kneeing or training. And it won't slip slide around It's almost impossible to focus on sparring when you have an awkward, uncomfortable cup that slips around and takes your attention off your performance. That's why we use specially designed straps so you can effortlessly adjust the waist and leg straps to guarantee the perfect fit for your sport. You'll be as light as a feather and will hardly even notice it! And it's not just for combat sports Sure, we talk a lot about martial arts and combat sports, but the Lo Bloo is an excellent choice for any athlete. If you need groin protection, whether you're playing football or even BMX riding, we have you covered. So why not test it for yourself, risk free? We're convinced that once you've tried the Lo Bloo 2.0 and experienced the comfort AND total protection for your man jewels, you'll never go back to a traditional groin guard But, in case you don't absolutely love the fit, we have you backed up with a replacement or 100% money back refund - no questions asked. So why not try for yourself? Click add to cart now and get serious about protecting yourself!

Seven Bag Gloves Mixed Martial Arts MMA mWWW7BGG


Seven Bag Gloves Mixed Martial Arts MMA m#WWW7BGG Seven Bag Gloves This sleek bag glove is designed specifically for heavy bag work or to hit coaches mitts. Made of high quality synthetic leather exterior, the Seven Bag Glove features a latex foam core with a cool-vent palm and moisture wicking interior. Open-thumb design enables you to add elements to your training that standard bag gloves will not accommodate. Wide adjustable hook/loop strapping, and double stitched trim. Modern, clean design in white. item: WWW7BGG SIZE Small Medium Large X-Large Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Fusion Fight Gear Kid's TMNT Sewer Surfin' Short Sleeve Rashguard - Medium
Fusion Fight Gear Kid's TMNT Sewer Surfin' Short Sleeve Rashguard - Medium


The TMNT rashguard is ideal for swimming, surfing, grappling martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or basically any other sport where you work up a sweat such as hockey, football, or even soccer. Grab your surfboard, and catch some waves today with your favorite heroes in a half shell, forever immortalized on this Fusion Surf Gear rashguard! Cowabunga, dude! The front of this rashguard features a graphic with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles surfing on their boards in the oceanThe back of this rashguard features the TMNT manhole cover reading, Sewer Surfin' on the left shoulderThe left sleeve has the Fusion Fight Gear logo on the upper arm and the right arm has a turtle shell graphic that reads, Surf's Up Bro! Features moisture wicking technology to keep the sweat from your body while protecting you from rashes and bacteria, in the water, or on the matsMade of high-end 88% polyester and 12% polyester blendRated UPF 50+ to block out most of the sun's harmful Ultra Violet raysIdeal for swimming, surfing, grappling martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, football, hockey, soccer, weight lifting, and the list goes on