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SPJ: Strong Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves for Mixed Martial Arts UFC Cage Fighting

by SPJ
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  • This MMA gloves are redesigned to provide even great performance to an already successful gear line.
  • Keep glove secure to the hand for maximum stability and responsiveness.
  • Train with the best gear in fighting! The combat sports pro-style grappling gloves allows for full speed workouts while providing a safe experience for both user and partner.

Product description


The owner of "Super Price Japan" shop is a native Japanese, and our products are stored in Amazon Official Warehouses in USA,
so you will get our products as soon as possible after you buy.

This MMA Gloves are a high quality glove designed to give you a better experience than any other glove on the market.
Premium synthetic leather along with excellent glove construction provides long lasting durability and functionality.
These easy on hand wraps feature a super shock absorbing padded knuckle mitt for maximum comfort and protection.

• Size: 8.6 * 5.1 inches / Weight: 4 ounce
• High density thread for needle works.
• Layered foam for better protection and shock absorption.
• Top notch comfortable feel.
• High wrist support with an adjustable strap.
• Exclusive Velcro strap system for single hand pre-positioning.

Train hard and go from challenger to champion with the this MMA Gloves!

Xinluying Women Men Kids Kickboxing Taekwondo Fight Boxing Punch Bag Sparring Gear MMA UFC Muay Thi Leather Gloves Mitts XS

by Xinluying
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  • Perfect Training Partner: Magic wrist velcro is adjustable for custom fit. Good for kids, women's and men's training. The gloves is the best match with Xinluying foot protectors.
  • Quality Protective Gear: Made of premium synthetic PU leather and Lycra Fabric. 8mm EVA lining pads protect the whole back of hands with its fingers to release shock impact.
  • Ideal For: Taekwondo,Punch Bag,Martial Arts,Grappling,Sparring,Kickboxing training hands guard gloves protection.

Product description

Product Specification:
Available Color: White
Gender: Men Women Kids
Type: Half finger
Material: Terry cloth, PU Leather, 8 mm EVA Pad, Stretchable Spandex and Neoprene.
Suitable sports:Boxing, Taekwondo, Punching Bag, Mixed Martial Arts, Sparring, Grappling, Cardio Training or Fighting etc.

Size Chart:
Palm Width:
S :(2.56-2.96)in/(6.5-7.5)cm
M :(2.96-3.35)in/(7.5-8.5)cm
L :(3.35-3.94)in/(8.5-10.0)cm

Size Measurements:
Measuring your palm width exclude the thumb finger with soft rulers.

Cleaning tips:
1.Best washed by hand. Soak the gloves with soap, then rub and wash, dry in the shade.
2.Never use hot water and other strong acid. No bleach, and no exposure in the sun.
3.Do not wash together with other fabric to avoid fabric pilling caused by the magic paste.
4.Before using the washing machine, you'd better put the gloves into the laundry bag to reduce the likelihood of deformation.

Revgear 51532 BLACK 12" Padded Foam Nunchaku with Chain - Black
Revgear 51532 BLACK 12" Padded Foam Nunchaku with Chain - Black


Revgear, is a manufactures that specializes in professional MMA gear, Mixed Martial Arts Clothing and Apparel, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing Gear, Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts, Fitness, Taekwondo, Karate and General School and Gym equipment and apparel. Color: Black. Ready to ship at your convenience. High quality components.