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Paint By Number Kits For Adults Kids - Animal Abstract Dog 16X20 Inch Linen Canvas Within Wooden Frame

by JnXos Store
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  • DIY OIL PAINTING - This number painting kit is not finished, need to paint by yourself, make you feel like a painter. Suitable For All Skill Levels, Creating Your Own Masterpieces With This DIY Painting.
  • GREAT GIFT: for parents, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend and children on birthdays, weddings and lodging. A perfect wall decorations oil paintings for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, Hotel, dining room, office, bar etc..
  • GREAT EDUCATIONAL CHOICE: To help your kids to enhance their coordination for color and good for their intelligence

Product description

Painting by numbers instruction:

Step1: Find the corresponding number of pigment on canvas.
Step2: The corresponding color pigment regional coverage.
Step3: On completion of the painting of a region.
Step4: Clean the writing brushes when before you change to another color.
Step5: Then ready to drawing on the other color.
Step6: Next we draw the same step.
Step7: Quickly completed the painting of a region.
Step8: Wait for the painting drying out


--Wash the brush when you finish every day or change colors.
--The paint is easy to dry, when you don't use, cover the lid, If the paint is too dry, add 1-2 drops of water to stir evenly, remember don't too much.
--If you happen to have the paint on your clothing, please wash it immediately.
--The paint we offer is enough for the normal use, please do not worry and had better not to waste it, just in case the paint shortage.

Benefit From This Product:

1. You will get lots of fun and relaxation
2. It's a good learning toy for children
3. It's a nice gift for friends, mother, father, kids etc
4. It can be as a wall decor painting when you finish painting
5. Beautify Your home with your creations. They're a fantastic conversation starter!


Please choose the right picture as you want, and choose the "Framed" or "Frameless" for your painting.

Womens Plus Size Tops, KESEE Clearance Cold Shoulder Flounced Strapless Black And White Patchwork T-shirt (XXXL, Black)

by KESEE Clothing
Price: $3.68 Buy Now

  • ❤️Black And White Patchwork T-shirt , Suitable for any occasion
  • ❤️ Cold Shoulder Bloluse, It is very easy to match your daily Pants
  • ❤️Welcome to KESEE, Have any question, just contact us anytime By E-mail, we will reply you on 24 hours

Product description

♫ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ☀ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ☀ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ♪

Size Chart(Unit:cm/inch)

Size:XL Bust:107cm/42.1" Sleeve:15cm/5.9" Length:49.5cm/19.5"
Size:2XL Bust:112cm/44.1" Sleeve:15cm/5.9" Length:50.5cm/19.9"
Size:3XL Bust:117cm/46.1" Sleeve:15cm/5.9" Length:51.5cm/20.3"
Size:4XL Bust:122cm/48.0" Sleeve:15cm/5.9" Length:52.5cm/20.7"
Size:5XL Bust:127cm/50.0" Sleeve:15cm/5.9" Length:53.5cm/21.1"

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If you purchase here but receive product from other sellers,please help us
report to Amazon Customer service for copyright infringement of KESEE brand
product.Thanks in advance.Please enjoy your online shopping!

Asian sizes, (if you wear S in US, better to choose M, if you wear M, better to choose L)
reasoning like this, recommended to choose 1-2 sizes up than usual for more loose fitting.
Please see carefully the size details below in description before you choose one size
Thank you for your understand, Hope you have a happy shopping experience )

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response you on 24 hours and try our best to do for you

♫ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ☀ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ☀ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ♪ ❤️ ♫ ❤️ ♪

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Last Sneak Peek! ♥ Berry Dumpling Swap
Last Sneak Peek! ♥ Berry Dumpling Swap
Last little sneak before you receive it, partner! I really like how the patchwork turned out! (Why do I always think 1" squares are super quick, btw??) Anyway, should be at your door by Thursday! Hooray! #dumplingswap
Photo by therainbowrevolts on Flickr
almost gave up when sewing the litte pieces, but glad i did it and happy about how it turn out, not too bad LOL
Photo by pinkypigs on Flickr
blogged!! dear partner, which owl do you like best? (you can see how they hang in the picture beside this one.) these ornaments seem too simple compared to the other ones i made, but owls are just so darn cute, i couldn't resist! i hope you'd like one, even if they didn't take hours and hours to make....
Photo by crafty_dame on Flickr
Patchwork: How to Do it Yourself: Cut sewn cloth strips, reorganize ...
Patchwork: How to Do it Yourself: Cut sewn cloth strips, reorganize ...
Patchwork: How to Do it Yourself. Cut sewn cloth strips, reorganize ...
Patchwork: How to Do it Yourself. Cut sewn cloth strips, reorganize ...
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