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Wilson Lite Stick Racquetball Racquet

by Wilson - Tennis
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  • Introducing LITE Carbon: The lightest racquetball racquet on the market today
  • Ultimate lightweight maneuverability for lightening quick speed even in the fastest action
  • Powerful and easy to play for those not willing to compromise between power, lightweight and comfort

Product description

The Wilson Lite Stick will help you shine brighter than the competition.  The head-heavy balance will accelerate your wrist movement through the point of contact while giving you enough power for strong kill shots.  Made from the same BLX composite material you have come to expect from Wilson, this racquet continues its tradition of having clean feedback and feel.  If you prefer lighter weight racquets but are looking for more power, this is the racquet for you.

Tiannuofa Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf N-Strike Elite Series + 20-Dart Refill + Vision Gear + 5-Dart Quick Reload Clip + 8-Dart Hand Wrist Band + Face Tube Mask …

by Tiannuofa
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  • 3.The Quick Reload Clip: It can storage up to 5 darts each, the hand wrist band up to 9 darts, Round head elite darts up to 60 feet, suction dart refills up to 50 feet.
  • 5.Face Tube Mask:One size fits most (kids, teens and adults),showing an awesome frightening visual in your costume party or outdoor activity.
  • 4.Safety Glasses: It protect you in the game and safety eyewear for Shooting, gun range, airsoft, nerf guns, racquetball, water balloon fight.

Product description

Elite Tactical Vest features: Storage pockets for an extra blaster and for extra Quick Reload Clips, made using safe and breathable materials, fit for both adults and kids, the size of Vest could be adjusted. This Tactical Kit lets you carry along lots of extra ammo, maximize your firepower.

Elite Games Performance: Kids play elite games with dart elite blasters in a elite team.Hunting and loading blaster gun mission. Get more chance to win.

Vest Color: Black
Dart Color: Blue
Vision Gear: Blue and clear
Bullet-Belts Color: Blue and black
Face Tube Mask Color: Black
Quick Reload Clip Color: Orange

Package included
1 x Vision Gear
1 x Elite Tactical Vest
1 x Face Tube Mask
1 x 10 pcs round head foam darts
1 x 10 pcs suction gun darts
2 x Adjustable Darts Bullet-Belts
2 x 5-Dart Quick Reload Clip