Sewing 101 Sewing Basics

Sewing Kit,Over 100 JKtown Portable Basic Sewing Accessories, 24 Color Spools of Thread, Mini sew kits supplies for Beginners,Traveller,Emergency,Family starter to Mending and Repair

by Sewing 101
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  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN A SEWING KIT - Premium sewing kit supplies in a compact Zippered durable PU leather Case,It includes high quality needles, safety pins, pins, buttons and much more; It has a large choice of different colored and thicknesses of sewing thread
  • SMART AND COMPACT - With a tiny shape,sewing kit is easy to carry and store. You can put it in your Trunk or backpack and enjoy a fashion travel.A kit that in a true sense makes your life easier
  • GREAT GIFT - The sewing kit is an amazing gift for Mother's Day Gift, Christmas stocking stuffers,a frequent traveler, mother, grandmother, a backpacker, little girls! The kit is equally good for use by both men and women, and is definitely something that people would love to use and will thank you for.

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Are you worried of Clothing rips, button pops, seams bursted, and always at the worst possible time?
Now you can choose our Sewing kit.It will be your constant companion at home, the office, camping, or traveling.It contains all the necessary tools that are required,Don't need machine to use, the best compact sewing kit that is always available, sewing kit easy to access for those quick,A kit that in a true sense makes your life easier.

Our portable compact kit is packed with all the high quality sewing necessities you need:
★ 30 x Assorted Hand Sewing Needles
★ 24 x Thread Reels
★ 10 x Beading Needles
★ 6 x Color Pins
★ 5 x Pins
★ 4 x Spare Buttons
★ 2 x Plastic Needle Threader
★ 2 x Mental thimbles
★ 1 x Stainless Steel Scissors
★ 1 x Needle and Thread Storage Package
★ 1 x Syringes with 4 Needles
★ 1 x Rope Wear
★ 1 x Nail Clipper
★ 1 x Seam Ripper
★ 1 x Measuring Tape
★ 1 x Tweezers
★ 1 x Magnet
★ 1 x Fabric Pencil
★ 1 x Knitting Needle
★ 3 x Sewing Clips

Product Details:
Size: 7.87 x 5.70 x 1.37inch
Weight: 337 g

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Sewing 101: A Beginners Guide to Sewing

by Creative Publishing int'l
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  • Sewing 101 is a modern-day primer on the basic skills and techniques of sewing
  • Softcover Spiral-bound: 224 pages
  • Features step-by-step photos useful sewing tip sidebars and a detailed glossary

Product description

Sewing 101 is a modern-day primer on the basic skills and techniques of sewing. This book is geared toward the absolute novice and assumes you know little or nothing about the craft. Filled with lots of step-by-step photos, useful sewing tip sidebars, and a painstakingly detailed glossary, Sewing 101 teaches you how to sew successfully. You will learn terminology used regularly in sewing, as well as all the basic skills that are the building blocks of the art. From threading the machine to sewing a straight stitch, to more complicated procedures such as installing zippers and following patterns, everything is covered. Chapters include such topics as: the sewing machine and its accessories, sewing supplies and how to use them, how to shop for, prepare, measure and cut fabric, and more. Each new technique is taught via the creation of an actual project, such as a pillow, window treatment, t-shirt, or baby blanket, thereby allowing you to learn a new skill and create an item to wear, display or use in your home. Dust off that machine and begin sewing for fun and function!'

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Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church Lydia Work Day: 10 a.m.-noon, Volunteers will cut material for totes later sewn and given to women coping with cancer. Lunch will be served. 101 N Calhoun St, Saluda, SC. Inquiries: call Dee at 803.215. 1354. OCT.

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Sewing 101: Hand Sewing Basics

Learn the basics of hand sewing with this helpful video. In Sewing 101: Hand Sewing Basics, you'll learn how to sew by hand but also which kind of needle and.

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I started this blog with a post about basic skills: Fieldcraft 101: Tie Twelve Knots . . . My latest contract requires me to refresh the basics so here's an excerpt from Army Field Manual 3-05. 70 SURVIVAL (which I helped write in its former... There are several methods by which you can determine direction by using the sun and the stars. These methods, however, will give you only a general direction. You can come up with a more nearly true direction if you know the terrain of the territory or country. This knowledge of the terrain together with using the methods explained below will let you come up with fairly true directions to help you navigate. USING THE SUN AND SHADOWS. 1 The earth’s relationship to the sun can help you to determine direction on earth. The sun always rises in the east and sets in the west, but not exactly due east or due west. Shadows will move in the opposite direction of the sun. In the Northern Hemisphere, they will move from west to east, and will point north at noon. In the Southern Hemisphere, shadows will indicate south at noon. With practice, you can use shadows to determine both direction and time of day. The shadow methods used for direction finding are the shadow-tip and watch methods. SHADOW-TIP METHODS. In the first shadow-tip method, find a straight stick 1 meter (3 feet) long, and a level spot free of brush on which the stick will cast a definite shadow. This method is simple and accurate and consists of four steps:. Place the stick or branch into the ground at a level spot where it will cast a distinctive shadow. Mark the shadow’s tip with a stone, twig, or other means. This first shadow mark is always west—everywhere on earth. Wait 10 to 15 minutes until the shadow tip moves a few centimeters. Mark the shadow tip’s new position in the same way as the first. This mark will represent East. Draw a straight line through the two marks to obtain an approximate east-west line. Stand with the first mark (west) to your left and the second mark to your right—you are now facing north. An alternate method is more accurate but requires more time. Set up your shadow stick and mark the first shadow in the morning. Use a piece of string to draw a clean arc through this mark and around the stick. At midday, the shadow will shrink and disappear. In the afternoon, it will lengthen again and at the point where it touches the arc, make a second mark. Draw a line through the two marks to get an accurate east-west line (Figure 18-1, page 18-3). THE WATCH METHOD. You can also determine direction using a common or analog watch—one that has hands. The direction will be accurate if you are using true local time, without any changes for daylight savings time. Remember, the further you are from the equator, the more accurate this method will be. If you only have a digital watch, draw a clock face on a circle of paper with the correct time on it and use it to determine your direction at that time. You may also choose to draw a clock face on the ground or lay your watch on the ground for a more accurate reading. Figure 18-2. Watch Method. Another method is called the 24-hour clock method. Imagine this result to now represent the hour hand. In the Northern Hemisphere, point this resulting hour hand at the sun, and the 12 will point north. Holding the watch horizontal, point the 7 at the sun and 12 will point north. In the Southern Hemisphere, point the 12 at the sun, and the resulting “hour” from the division will point south. Because the moon has no light of its own, we can only see it when it reflects the sun’s light. We say there is a new moon or no moon when it is on.

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101 essential tips basic sewing
101 essential tips basic sewing

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Good Good condition.


Creative Publishing International-Sewing 101 - Revised & Updated
Creative Publishing International-Sewing 101 - Revised & Updated

Toys, Toddlers & Baby

Features Revised and Updated Written with the absolute beginner in mind, this book teaches all the basics for machine sewing with step-by-step instructions and photographs Sewing skills are learned by working on projects, beginning with something very easy and getting progressively more difficult as the reader works through the book New skills are explored in depth as they are introduced The projects are divided into two sections - garment sewing and home decor/accessory sewing, making this the most comprehensive beginner's book An accompanying DVD includes complete step-by-step sewing basics, demonstrates all projects, and offers the complete book pages in PDF format Spiral Bound - 224 pages


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  1. Sewing 101: Sewing Basics | Jo-Ann Class Objectives. Learn basic sewing skills; Sewing machine & tool basics; Sewing seams & terminology; One 2 1/2-hr session; Supplies are required for this class ...
  2. Free and Simple Ways to Learn Sewing Get to Know Your Sewing Machine; Learn Sewing Machine Basics; Can't Sew a Straight Line? ... Learn to Sew, One Step at a Time. Sewing Machine Basics and Information.
  3. Video: Sewing 101: Hand Sewing Basics | Learn the basics of hand sewing with this helpful video. In Sewing 101: Hand Sewing Basics, you'll learn how to sew by hand but also which kind of needle and thread ...
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Sewing 101; The Basics with Jesy Sewing 101; The Basics with Jesy
Sewing 101; The Basics with Jesy Sewing 101; The Basics with Jesy
Image by
Sewing 101--great resource for sewing basics with links to other ...
Sewing 101--great resource for sewing basics with links to other ...
Image by
Sewing Instructions; Sewing 101; Sewing Basics; Learn How to Sew
Sewing Instructions; Sewing 101; Sewing Basics; Learn How to Sew
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  • AZCQ_Aaron I liked a @YouTube video from @jwodesigns Sewing 101: The Basics
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