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This simple black notebook features the text "People I Want to Punch in the Throat" in gold lettering on the cover. There is plenty of room inside for writing notes, thoughts and ideas. This is perfect for stress relief, anger management, anxiety control. This can be used as a notebook, journal, diary or composition book. This paperback notebook is 8.5" x 11” and has over 110+ pages.

One Line a Day Journal: A Five Year Memoir, 6x9 Lined Diary, Floral Pattern (Journals, Notebooks and Diaries)

by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Keep 5 years of your most precious memories in a beautifully designed keepsake journal.

This five year memoir contains 365 pages, with 5 daily entries on each page. Just write the date at the top of the page and fill in the year beside each daily entry. As the next five years go by you can revisit your most cherished memories on the same day in previous years. Record the beautiful story of your life in just one line a day!


  • 365 pages for 5 years of cherished memories
  • Dimensions: 6” x 9”
  • Add your own date at the top so you can start your One Line a Day journal on any day of the year!
  • Makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love!

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Los Angeles prosecutors set hearing on Diddy UCLA case 09/09/15, via Journal Times

City Attorney's spokesman Rob Wilcox says the Oct. 15 hearing, known as an informal conference, will determine whether Combs should be charged with a misdemeanor over the incident, undergo anger-management counseling or make a restitution 

Kentfield man sentenced to jail term for road-rage beating in Mill Valley 09/09/15, via Marin Independent Journal

Alan Dep — . By Gary Klien, In addition to the jail sentence and other conditions, Simmons ordered Smock to attend an anger management class. Laskowski has filed a civil lawsuit against Smock on 

Serious Games: Anger Management Using Brainwaves

A game that monitors your brainwaves and gives you visual feedback on how relaxed you are has been developed by tech company NeuroElectronics.


Anger Management For Dummies

Anger Management For Dummies

Published by John Wiley & Sons 2015

ISBN 9781119030027,1119030021
384 pages

Your one-stop guide to anger management Anger is a completely normal, healthy human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems—at work, in personal relationships, and in the overall quality of life. Anger Management For Dummies provides trusted and authoritative information on anger management methods, skills, and exercises that will help you or a loved one identify sources of anger and release them healthily. Anger has become one of the most intimate issues in today's world – as life, in general, has become increasingly stressful. . Anger Management For Dummies shows you how anger is often a bi-product of other more primitive emotions, such as fear, depression, anxiety, and stress, and arms you with the strategies that can help you conquer...

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An innovative study of gender, emotion, and power, It?s Always Personal is an essential companion for everyone navigating the challenges of the contemporary workplace. How often have we heard? It?s nothing against you, it?s not personal?it?s just business But in fact, at work it?s never just business?it?salways personal. In this groundbreaking book, journalist and former corporate executive Anne Kreamer shows us how to get rational about our emotions, and provides the necessary new tools to flourish in an emotionally charged workplace. Combining the latest information on the intricacies of the human brain, candid stories from employees, and the surprising results of two national surveys, It?s Always Personal offers? a step-by-step guide for identifying your emotional type: Spouter, Accepter, Believer, or Solver? Emotion Management Toolkits that outline strategies to cope with specific emotionally challenging situations? vital facts that will help you understand?and handle?the six main emotional flashpoints: anger, fear, anxiety, empathy, joy, and crying? an exploration of how men and women deal with emotions differently?A stimulating read bolstered by snippets of some of the best recent work on emotional intelligence and the science of happiness. The Wall Street Journal?So what should be the rules and boundaries for showing how you feel while you work? That?s a question asked and answered in Anne Kreamer?s fascinating book. [a] look at an issue that rarely gets discussed. The Washington Post?Finally, someone is willing to unpack the morass of anger, anxiety, sadness, and joy that drives the workday. . [Kreamer] has hit the? It?s about time! button. Elle?[A] lively, well-researched exploration of emotions on the job. how to be true to your? emotional flashpoints


Writing For Emotional Balance
Writing For Emotional Balance


A psychologist with an expertise in journal therapy, guides the reader through exercises designed to develop skills to manage out-of-control emotions, mood swings, anger, grief, depression, and mania. By teaching the reader to name emotions, use expressive writing to explore the roots of emotion, and track emotional states, the reader learns to express feelings and emotions in appropriate and healthy ways.


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BofA Pushes to Keep Moynihan’s Dual Role - 09/07/15, via Wall Street Journal

Some big investors also tend to be swayed by arguments that keeping management stable is best for shareholders ... he would leave the bank if his roles were split, The Wall Street Journal reported at the time. In the end, J.P. Morgan prevailed, with ...

Loudoun County supervisor resigns after misdemeanor charges - 09/06/15, via Journal Review Online

He said in a statement at the time that he had undergone treatment for substance abuse and anger management. In 2006, Williams was charged with first-degree and second-degree assault after police said he repeatedly beat his then-girlfriend in Ocean City ...

Should kids make their beds? It depends. - 09/06/15, via Sioux City Journal

"Routines need to keep being reinforced, but without anger and angst," LaSala said ... Leslie Josel, author of "What's the Deal with Teens and Time Management" (People Tested Books, 2015), says, "For teens, there needs to be a bigger picture and a ...


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Anger Management Journal
Anger Management Journal
Anger Management Journals & Notebooks
Anger Management Journals & Notebooks
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