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Homes'pun' humor: The la'ugh'able 'air quotes from Style Invitational Week 1134 08/20/15, via Washington Post

(Click here to skip down to this week's new contest, Week 1137). In Week 1134 we gave another run to our popular “air quotes” contest, in which we wanted you to find a telling word inside another word or name. Sorry, many of you, but we already did

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Help for birds winging their way through NC 03/27/15, via News & Observer

The night travel is done for a number of reasons, says Nancy Castillo, who writes an online column as The Zen Birdfeeder. She says many birds fly at night to avoid predators, to take advantage of cooler temperatures and less turbulent skies, and to

Maker Startup Birdfeeder Paparazzi


Relative attractiveness of different foods at wild bird feeders

Relative attractiveness of different foods at wild bird feeders


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The relative attractiveness of various seeds used to feed wild birds was measured. This information, with data on consumption rates and costs, provides a basis for determining the most efficient materials for use in bird feeders in residential areas. Many common bird foods, such as fine cracked corn, wheat, sorghum, hulled oats, and rice, were found to be relatively unattractive. Seeds of the small black oil-type sunflower were superior to those of the black striped and gray striped sunflowers. White proso millet was the best seed for use in attracting the small seed-eating species. Feeding preferences among various species of birds are strikingly different; consequently it is difficult to formulate a mixture of seeds that would be efficient at all locations and at all times.

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Resting and reading

The first week I mostly slept and read. Add in some life/work stress combined with surgery and I definitely earned those few days I spent asleep for 12 hours. Intermittently, I'd wake up, read a few pages, then doze off again: recovery in a nutshell. Some of the books I had stockpiled in preparation of post-op downtime were All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel/ Brett Witter. Both were well written and interesting, a nice combo of fiction and non-fiction echoing the same historical time period. I am currently totally hooked on the WWII/mid 1940's time frame. Some additional fun reads are the Louise Pearlie mystery series books by Sarah R. Shaber. The series starts with Louise's War which is set in 1942 Washington, D. C. , so far there are only four books published. Shaber's previous series, Dr. Simon Shaw murder mysteries, documents the Pearlie family 1942 back story in the book, Snipe Hunt. I have read this series too, and it is well written, based in Raleigh, NC. I appreciate that Ms. Shaber doesn't seem to need to write a series that continues on forever either. she has left Dr. Shaw on sabbatical after five books to write Louise's War. I appreciate the "quality, not quantity" approach to writing, formula series frankly get too predictable. This last week I have started to feel like myself again and have been up more. The kids have nicknamed me "Skippy" as I negotiate between the kitchen, living room, bedroom and front porch. I will admit I miss puttering in the garden more than anything, but my kids have been wonderful at assisting me to get my daily dose of the outside. The finch socks and humming bird feeders have been kept full and the lawn mowed. I am itching to do some pruning and weeding, but we have had buckets of rain and the yard is too soft for walker + chair gardening. Life refreshes at midlife. I continue to explore the world and my place in it. I am reconnecting with my creative self, eliminating household clutter, gardening to limit lawn mowing time and walking my dogs. I dream of a cabin in the woods but live in suburbia. I have gone back to school with plans to start a new career.

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Live Wire: Hummers bring young to feeders - 08/13/15, via Fayetteville Observer

Live Wire turns to our resident guru on birds ... feeders, put in fresh food, and they'll come." A: License plates must be renewed annually. Driving a vehicle that does not display a current registration is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine. In North ...

Coyotes seen near Wake Forest's Joyner Park - 07/20/15, via 11abc News

Reports have been on the rise across the Triangle after a man walking his dog in Raleigh's Schenck Forest reported a group ... Coyotes and other wildlife are attracted to pet food left outdoors. Keep bird-feeder areas clean. Use bird feeders that keep ...

Triangle Brick's Charleston - 06/08/15, via

Charleston, SC is home to some of the most iconic buildings in the US, showcasing blocks of beautiful row houses painted in muted rainbow and natural hues. With a warm beige base and a scattered medley of accent colors ranging from light red to copper to ...


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Bird Feeders & Bird Houses Raleigh NC | Nesting Boxes
Bird feeders by Mary Jo Stephenson in the Victorian Garden.
Bird feeders by Mary Jo Stephenson in the Victorian Garden.
Wild Bird Feeders and Houses - So Many Options!
Wild Bird Feeders and Houses - So Many Options!