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Pettech PT0Y1 Dog Training Shock Collar, Rechargeable and Weather Resistant, 1000 ft Range

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  • THE ULTIMATE DOG TRAINING COLLAR - Immensely Popular, 100% Weatherproof E-Collar used by Expert Trainers & First Time Pet Owners
  • HUGE LCD REMOTE WITH ADJUSTABLE SHOCK & 4 MODES - 1-100 Levels of Customization. You can also use a Tone (Beep) Mode which will give an Audible Warning. LCD has a Backlit Design for Both Day & Night
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE - Rapid Charging Lithium Ion Battery Provides a long lasting Battery Life. Auto Power Protect Mode Helps Conserve Battery Life When Not In Use

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Safety Information CAUTION! Please read and follow the instructions in manual. Proper fit of the collar is important. A collar worn for too long or made too tight on the pet's neck may cause skin damage. These collars can cause pressure necrosis if used incorrectly and is often misidentified as burns. 1. Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day. 2. If it's possible, reposite the collar on the pet's neck every 1 to 2 hours. 3. Check the fit of the collar to prevent excessive pressure; follow the instructions in this manual. 4. Never connect a lead to the electronic collar; it will cause excessive pressure on the contacts. 5. When using a separate collar for a lead, don't put pressure on the electronic collar. 6. Wash the dog's neck area and the contacts of the collar weekly with a damp cloth. 7. Examine the contact area daily for signs of a rash or a sore. 8. If a rash or sore is found, discontinue use of the collar until the skin has healed. 9. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian. These steps will help keep your pet safe and comfortable. Millions of pets are comfortable while they wear stainless steel contacts. Some pets are sensitive to contact pressure. You may find after some time that your pet is very tolerant of the collar. If so, you may relax some of these precautions. It Is important to continue daily checks of the contact area. If redness or sores are found, discontinue use until the skin has fully healed. Shock Advisory The PetTech remote training collar is equipped with 4 training modes - light, beep, vibrate and static shock. Improper use of the static shock mode can cause pain, physical injury and traumatize your dog. The static shock feature should only be used in extreme situations and only after consultation with a professional dog trainer. We highly recommend using only the vibration setting.

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This fun, easy to follow video will show you step by step how to train your dog in just minutes a day. Join expert dog trainers Kellyann Sonway and Traci Theis as they walk you through their reward based methods to train dogs of any age or breed! After using these fast and fun training techniques, you'll be left saying, "PetsIncredible!"

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Labor looks different in the 21st century–so should job training 09/09/15, via Pulse

They're as varied as Uber and Lyft for transportation, for babysitters, home-health workers, and dog walkers, Postmates and Caviar for food delivery, and TaskRabbit for nearly any errand. And they are creating a new career path for a lot of

What a dog trainer can and cannot do for you 08/17/15, via

You don't just drop your dog off and get it back "well-behaved." Sure, the dog will be trained when it comes back home, but that training may slowly disappear, or it may develop bad habits because you do the wrong things (or don't know how to speak to

dog training websites | petsafe dog training collar | puppy crate training schedule

http://leash-training-a-dog. com dog training websites | petsafe dog training collar | puppy crate training schedule.


The Everything Essential Dog Training and Tricks Book

The Everything Essential Dog Training and Tricks Book

Published by Adams Media 2015

ISBN 9781440590207,1440590206
288 pages

There is nothing like the bond between you and your dog, and that bond can be strengthened through training together. Let Certified Pet Dog Trainer Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz show you how to introduce new skills the right way and teach your dog simple commands, crowd-pleasing tricks, and everything in between! You'll learn how to: Control excessive barking Housebreak a puppy or adult dog Stop jumping and other problem behaviors Teach tricks based on your dog's temperament Walk your dog on-leash safely Use treats, clickers, and toys for training Featuring fun photos that showcase easy tricks, this all-in-one resource is your ultimate guide for a well-behaved and happy pet!

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Labor looks different in the 21st century–so should job training - Pulse

My parents came to this country in 1978. Like so many first generation children of Indian immigrants, I learned to believe in a dream that is as much American as it is universal: a dream of equal opportunity for all based on merit, of power... The reality, though, is that Americans have an increasingly difficult time rising from the bottom of the economic playing field. Part of the reason is because of the severe poverty that exists in the US–people have a harder time rising to the top because they start further behind. What’s worse is that people born into poverty tend to stay there. Incomes have stagnated for working class Americans, driven in part by technological advances. While many believe these fail to take into account significant technological advances such as the iPhone, Uber, and other digital creations, it’s clear that the economy is not working for all Americans. Today’s digital shift occurs in concert with a massive movement of jobs from traditional employers to freelance marketplaces. These marketplaces, long stuck under the radar, are now exploding and growing 20% faster than offline work. com for babysitters, home-health workers, and dog walkers, Postmates and Caviar for food delivery, and TaskRabbit for nearly any errand. And they are creating a new career path for a lot of people. According to newly released statistics from the Government Accountability Office, over 40% of all U. S. workers are contingent, which includes temp workers, contractors, on-call workers, part-time employees, and the self-employed. A recent McKinsey study states that, by 2025, online work will add $2. 7 trillion to the global GDP and enable 540 million people to access work. Yet our job training infrastructure, especially our publicly funded colleges and vocational schools—the basis for the kind of meritocracy my parents sought when they moved here—lags dramatically behind that of other countries. Many federal and state-funded job training programs lack awareness of the explosive growth of the contingent and increasingly web-mediated economy. Community colleges, a system of schools designed to put people to work, have a 70% dropout rate nationwide. And even when people do manage to finish, they emerge with training that doesn’t equip them to succeed in the new economy—skills like marketing one’s talents in an online profile, submitting applications for project-based work, and developing new... The state of Colorado and the city of Phoenix have recently partnered with the Markle Foundation, which has convened a diverse group of CEOs, educators, thought leaders, and community advocates to expand opportunity for all Americans. Working directly with local communities, Rework America is currently focused on creating a skills-based labor market to better inform job seekers about the skills needed for meaningful work and to better connect them to those jobs, as well as help... Some skills might seem obvious to those of us who grew up with computers in the home. If you’re reading this on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you likely have a hard time understanding why the flood of websites offering part-time work at higher than minimum wage have a hard time finding applicants. The answer: our publicly-funded job training infrastructure doesn’t teach people how to navigate these systems. I’m talking about the more basic skills required to find and, in some cases, perform part-time, project-based work through the internet. Skills like data entry, internet research, and an understanding of technologies like Gmail and Google Docs to secure one of the many jobs posted for virtual administrative or customer support in rising categories like Real Estate, Law, HR and... And so should our job training programs. Two major shifts would help us prepare more people for today’s workforce. First, all organizations receiving federal or state funds for job training should be required to have an online jobs component to their training programs, regardless of the type of job we’re training people to perform. Using the internet to secure employment is as vital to a construction worker as it is to a software engineer.

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Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet's Travel with Dogs is packed full of advice and tips on travelling the world with your dog. The nine chapters cover the essentials of taking your dog on vacation or holiday by car, train, boat or plane, and how to find somewhere suitable to stay. The handy pocket-sized book starts with giving the reasons why readers will enjoy taking their dog on their travels and how to decide what your dog is capable of. The golden rules of dog travel are listed. Next Lonely Planet provides explanations of what type of vaccinations, health certificates and documents are needed for travel around the Americas, Europe and Australia with a dog. Then different modes of transport are discussed: How to transport your dog safely and comfortably in your car - what to pack, how frequently to take breaks, whether to use a harness or a crate How to go camping or RVing on a road trip with your dog (including advice for hiking with your dog) How to take your dog on a plane - what airlines are the most pet-friendly, whether your dog can travel in the cabin as carry-on luggage or in the hold, using a crate, clearing security And finally, there is information on finding dog-friendly places to stay: hotels, motels, B & Bs. Additionally, a listings section features international travel resources for dog-owners plus other sources of information. This book will help dog owners plan and prepare for travel with their furry best friends, and inspire trips further afield. About Lonely Planet: Started in 1973, Lonely Planet has become the world's leading travel guide publisher with guidebooks to every destination on the planet, as well as an award-winning website, a suite of mobile and digital travel products, and a dedicated traveller community. Lonely Planet's mission is to enable curious travellers to experience the world and to t


Coast To Coast 13710 Two Drawer Two Door Cupboard
Coast To Coast 13710 Two Drawer Two Door Cupboard

Home & Outdoor

Display that treasured vintage train set on the shelved interior where it will still be visible through the overlaid glass fronted doors, or maybe those great metal dogs figurines that you just found! Finished in our Joplin texture Grey and with antiqued hardware, this cabinet will be the perfect setting. Plus, you have two upper drawers to keep those extra items close at hand, and don't forget to add a couple pieces to the top to complete the presentation. For residents of California - California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or other reproductive harm. This notice is being provided in accordance with California's Proposition 65. Read more about Prop 65 on the State of California Prop 65 website.



business - zazzle_profilecard
Dog Trainer Business Card

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Dog Training & Puppy Training - We Train Your Dog in Your Home - Business Cards


hanes_womens_crew_tshirt_5680 - zazzle_shirt
Pam's Dog Academy - Training Website T-Shirt

zazzle_shirt by PamsDogAcademy

Pam's Dog Academy's dog training website. You will find free video tutorials, dvds, ebooks, articles, video titling opportunities and much more.


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Dog obedience classes offered by community education program - 09/09/15, via The Northwoods River News

The instructor for both classes is Carol Lofquist from TLC Dog Training. The session runs for six weeks (Sept ... To register, visit the 'Community' section of the school district website:

Smoken Dakota Kennels to add site in Tea - 09/09/15, via Argus Leader

While boarding is the core of the business, Smoken Dakota also offers obedience classes and specialized training and testing for hunting dogs. Olean and her husband, Shane, are from Minnesota and met while their Labrador retrievers competed against each other.

Donations sought for care of injured Reading police dog - 09/08/15, via 69 WFMZ TV News

wfmz's jennifer joas joins us live from southwest middle school in reading -- where the dog was hurt -- with the latest ... the friends of the reading police k-9 unit paid for "cody" and hi training through donations. now the volunteer group is asking ...


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dog business
dog business
.com – a Dog Training site focusing on everything from dog ...
.com – a Dog Training site focusing on everything from dog ...
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